Monday, July 09, 2007


Late Day Thought

This heat can't be good for my herb garden.

Bobby Knight on short sellers.
+TJXGF up 700% today! I think TJX may be about to be taken out.
Hey fly,
Don't worry marijuana plants need a lot of heat to grow, so this heat is good for your "herb garden" wink wink.
Just kidding.
Public service announcement:
kids don't do drugs, smoking pot may cause you to miss your weekend blogging duties"
just drown them every evening .. they should recover by morn
when will we know how many of the mvis warrants were converted?
What was up with that huge sell block at 5.00 from EDGX at the closing minutes there for MVIS?
What was up with that huge buy block at 5.00 at the closing minutes there for MVIS?
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