Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Late Day Thought

Internet stocks are on fire.

UPDATE: Minkow is getting his ass kicked in his USNA short.

Hey Fly,
Can you tell these fucking mvis sellers to wake the fuck up and realize what they are selling. You should hire your contractor to go over there and kick them in the balls and make them get a hair cut at the mall.
TLR stays at OEH.
OEH - nice call

Who cares, MVIS is bouncing off of its primary up trend line. It is like stealing candy from a baby. I think we get news tomorrow.
Shut the fuck up.

Sell MVIS, so that I can buy it cheaper.
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"Minkow, who served eight years in prison for stock fraud and later started the Fraud Discovery Institute, came out with his first critical report on USANA in February when he bought "put" options on USANA's stock in a bet the price would fall. USANA has sued him for defamation."

A felon shorts a stock, then comes out with critical report? What a douchebag! And people listen because some shmuck lost $500? Only in the stock market...I hope he loses his ass then does another 8 years.
Hey Fly,
I'm telling you again man take a look at HNR it is pretty dam cheap down here.
Biggest holder a buffett deciple buying like a mad man owns nearly 20%
Some thing to chew on.
Ok In on MATH,

Let's end the QP and get some news!

all this talk reminds me of something I saw once...
Did Maria get caught in a rainstorm?
Maria often looks like she just had rough sex (shudder).
I'm not sure but I think she is married to Jonathon Steinberg who I think is the son of Saul Steinberg the famous (or infamous) buyout guy of the '80s. I believe he tried to takeover Disney at one time.
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