Thursday, July 12, 2007


Late Day Thought

The CEO of WFMI is King of Yahoo message boards.

He posted over 1,000 messages, bashing OATS and touting WFMI.

Fascinating stuff.

The internets never lies.

Whole Oats has the Fly's bordeaux and aged beef rib eyes. Fly, you gettin' hit by the no see 'em's
John Mackey on Unions (via Yahoo message boards)

"For far too long they have portrayed themselves as champions of the working men and women against the greed and exploitation of business. I see unions quite differently: as bullies, liars, and parasites who create fear, anger, and mistrust in the workplace by pitting labor against capital in a perpetual adversarial conflict."

LOL. I can read this stuff all night.
Perhaps he should get off the boards do something about his sinking share price.
I had a killer sandwich from Wild Oats today as a matter of fact. That place rocks.
More Mackey. He fights with WFMI employee's too and responds:

"It is true that I own quite a bit of Whole Foods Market stock and it is also true that I am wealthy."

LOL. Mackey owns over 1 million shares.

Then, someone doubts him.

"RAHODEB you have claimed to be wealthy and own a lot of wfstock. Some people think they are wealthy and have alot of stock if they hold 500 shares of something. Since you brought it up why not tell us your real numbers. How much money do you have and how much wf stock? No one will ever know your real identity, so there's no chance of any kind of problem from disclosing. For some reason though, I don't think you will tell us. If that is the case, then you should never have brought it up."

Then,Mackey responds:

"I'm not willing to disclose my exact stockholdings or my net worth on this board. Seems to me that it is my own private business. Anyway, I'm not sure how anyone would know whether I was lying or not in any case? With that disclaimer I will say that I own more than a million dollars worth of Whole Foods stock (on paper). I've been a buy and hold investor of this stock since their IPO. From time to time I have added to my stock holdings of Whole Foods. I'm a customer also and I care a great deal about what happens with this company. If the unions successfully infect Whole Foods in very many of their stores with their parasitical class warfare nonsense, I feel certain that this company will go down the tubes, just like most union companies eventually do. Been following the United Airlines saga? The greed of those unions have sucked that company dry. Does the same fate lie in the future of Whole Foods? We shall see. One thing I'm certain about is that I won't let my investment in Whole Foods be destroyed by parasitical unions. If it goes too far I'll pay Uncle Sam his share and invest elsewhere. Capital is not the slave of Labor!"

He has to go to jail, right?
I like his advice to shorts:

"My advice to you and all other shorts is to close out your position before Whole Foods announces their Q4 earnings in November. They've had double digit comps for 7 consecutive quarters and have made a habit of consistently underpromising and overdelivering. Unless you have some concrete evidence that this is about to change (and high gas prices isn't it!) you'll probably get the sh't kicked out of you when they announce. That is exactly what has happened to all your bretheren before you for 2 years now. Don't be so foolish to believe it isn't going to happen to you. Most likely it will. However, you can hold the short if you want to and learn the hard way. "
or this one:

"runbill--yes the shorts have been bailing out of WFMI. Whole Foods is up about 140% since June of 2000, when they announced the merger of into Since that date, the shorts have lost their shirts on Whole Foods!Will WFMI drift back down into the 30's? Who knows? Earnings for their Q1 will be coming out sometime in the middle of February. If the company once again announces strong comps and beats earnings estimates, we're more likely see the stock hit $50. Continue shorting at your own risk, runbill!"
"molly is short, You seem like a very sweet old lady, but not very bright when it comes to Whole Foods. Sell a little of your gold stocks and buy some WFMI. Here are your 3 gold stocks compared to Whole Foods:"
WOW!! I can't believe a CEO would do that! I read some of his posts, and it's crazy how he'd get into all kinds of arguments with some other posters. If you read his last post, he lost a bet on predicting the stock price and that's why he quit posting.

...which makes me wonder... are there any CEOs posting comments on this blog?
I am convinced after reading this that Fly is really the CEO of MVIS. The problem is now what will happen when IBM wants to buyout MVIS but the FTC opposes it because of Fly's Blog language. This Blog will come back and bite him in the ass.
WFMI is still a short. They're overpriced & mainstream is going organic. They'll lose their niche & what separated them from the rest.
Is this a great country or what.
Dude's worth a 1/2 bil. and he's chit chatting on the Yahoo boards.

Broker- if I find out your wifes first name is "Ylfeht" I will give up on the internets for life.
mrkcbill-LOL I think its either his dogs name or the name of his illegal Mexican gardener.
Broker I hope this ARWR news this morning is not what your source was touting as the big one.
Shit I have been outed too. I am actually Snoop Dogg. I slap a motha fuckin ho if she don't give me that green stuff, monster.
CENX absolutely ripping up >
$3.50.....damn, thanks again Fly.
AEO ooooooohh!!!!

Looks 28+
What a moron. There is a room next to Mr. Skilling available.
Any reason to buy WFMI down here? Just wondering, I don't follow it.
Fly, thanks for AZZ.
I'm selling half my WNR position today. I want to put my money into something else, and some of your recent picks, maybe I can talk about it this weekend?
crude broker weekend blogging, sounds good!
wow vmi, usna, rs

thanks so much
ARWR - was that the news? or will there be more?
SWIM...up 11%...check out these #'s & growth.

7:03AM Investools reports record brokerage and education metrics for June 2007 (SWIM) 10.21 : Co reports new accounts opened, net, 5,375; 348% higher than June 2006, new accounts funded of 3,050; 307% higher than June 2006. Funded accounts of 39,075 as of month-end; 168% higher than June 30, 2006. Retail DARTs of 23,400; 225% higher than June 2006. Active Trader DARTs of 33,200; 127% higher than June 2006. Client assets of $1.78 billion as of month-end; 125% higher than June 30, 2006 Investor Education Group: Total paid graduates in June 2007 of 3,970, compared to 5,010 in June 2006. Investools marketed graduates of 2,610 compared to 1,190 in June 2006. Active subscribers to its Investools Online and websites increased to 94,600 at the end of June 2007 compared to 83,700 at the end of June 2006.
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