Monday, July 16, 2007


Late Day Thought

If MVIS were a real person, I'd have its mustache punched off.

can you give us any updates you have on MVIS? thanks
No updates. Same shit.

Contract by end of summer. Yada, Yada, Yada.

Who the hell is selling? are they mostly retail? Doesn't seem like it because they are dumping large quantities at a time.
Kd- there are many reasons for sellers. Here are a few.
1. Warrant converts who didn't sell earlier.
2. Spec buyers loading up Thur-Fri hoping for news announcement, and then selling.
3. Shorting
Thanks woodshedder but big sales at the ask is what got my attention. Seems like someone wants to get out in hurry. I don't think short sellers would sell such big number at the ask in one shot.
4. Short term traders playing both long and short on the backs of the short sellers who go short at the beginning of the week then get caught in a small squeeze on Friday as they rush to cover for a small loss before the weekend and the risk of an announcement. Long in the 4.50-4.80 range, short again on Friday at 5.00.

As has already been mentioned, we are most likely stuck in this range until an announcement.

Jeremy (the other Jeremy)
Folks, The Fly is not an MVIS "insider" so you guys are putting too much pressure on him to dig up info which is pretty much un-diggable. As you saw before, his previous MVIS "tipster" had some serious accuracy problems, so you should just be glad that we aren't getting more of the "same-old-same-old" from the same source.

I am sure The Fly is hoping to eventually get some info with greater reliability from a different source (or better-founded info from the same source) -- and until then we will just have to make do.
Are people buying from the sellers? Or are people just selling? Fly, explain please.
Calm down and take a look at the MVIS daily chart. Still riding along its upward-trending trendline. Has pulled back right to it today. Good place to buy if you are looking for a low-risk entry, with a tight stop.
Go suck a co%^ you scardy cats.
This is not good news. There is a rumor out there that stocks can be sold without having a buyer, you can just sell them.
"Are people buying from the sellers? Or are people just selling?"

Is this a trick question? If someone is selling, someone is buying. Correct me if I'm wrong.
If so...then can stocks be bought without having a Seller?

Makes sense to me.
No way, it can't be. When people sell a stock, people are buying the stock? Explain please.
Ladies, ladies, please don't get your panties all in a bunch.

Mr. Fly and his associates at Dewey, Skrewm & Howe will gladly refund the purchase price of your marketblog subscription and will give you a bonus free issue to "Stockmarket for Dummies" should you lose any money in the stocks he discusses.
It's better to be a Naked Long than a Naked Short.
not possible, I own 10000 MVIS and sold at market. Where'd they go? haha
I'm still confused, nobody has answered me. When a stock's shares are being sold down, are people buying them?
I can't tell if this is serial or not.

Market makers are tasked, by law, to buy or sell a security- they make a market, hence the name.

Now if a stock is sold, there may be a retail or institutional buyer, or there may be no current buyer, and then the market maker will step in a buy that stock at what his bid is.

Similarly, if one wants to buy some MVIS, the ask price he gets may come from a retail seller, or from a market maker.

So while there is a buyer for every seller, and vice versa, he may just be pocketing the spread, and not hoping for a news announcement. Or, it could be someone building a position, retail or otherwise.
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shed, they changed the spelling of "gullible" in the dictonary, and replaceed it with "guillable".

crude is not being serial. gimme a fucking b.
Yes and no. some times MM will buy and sell them to provide liquidity. There are buyers but they are out numberd by the sellers, you know supply and demand. But, yes people are buying because if there were no buyers then we would be at zero. Some institutions may have pre specified buy orders with their brokers.
Nice explanation Woody.

Can one get a general feel for market direction by observing the sale of oatmeal at the local grocery?
it really only comes into effect when the market tanks. then of course the fed steps in and makes the banks give out interest free loans to the mm's/specialists so they don't lose their homes.

-- a new jeremy, aka, tehdrunky.
Do any of NewEquity's many blow up dolls have a mustache that needs punched off?
strange enough but the word gullible is not found in any dictionary
Ok, Ok, so what you guys are saying is that there was about 1.1 million shares of MVIS bought today? Thats fucking bullish! I'm in. Buying more tomorrow, somebody must know something.
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Regarding the last 25 comments; So this is what we've become?
i know bruce, it's fucking mind blowing! no gullible!
Boone, I didn't think Crude was serial, but I wasn't sure about others.

Also, I hear that the definition of gullible is written directly above your head, on the ceiling. Give it a look.
And it would have a handlebar mustache cause this stock sure does act gay sometimes.
I just looked up, nice one Shed.
personally, I'm liking all these gullible jokes. I looked up too.
Quite frankly, some of you just need to dollar cost average into some good mutual funds, go to work, and when you retire discover you are hopefully wealthy enough not to have to get a job to go with your Social Security (if its still around).
"Ok, Ok, so what you guys are saying is that there was about 1.1 million shares of MVIS bought today? Thats fucking bullish! I'm in. Buying more tomorrow, somebody must know something."

no, 1.1m sold mvis today nutsacka.
So, thats bearish then right? I'm confused. Someone told me over 1.1 million shares of MVIS were bought today, now you are telling me 1.1 million shares were sold. The day is over. I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow to see if people are buying MVIS, or selling MVIS. The suspense is already killing me.
crude, you have a lot to learn about trading bro. Go buy a few books written by stock gurus to get tha edge.
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I would like to submit the above commentary as evidence that the last election was tainted by gullible people. You call the supreme court and get it invalidated - I'll call Diebold and make sure it never happens again. Deal?
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