Friday, July 20, 2007


Late Day Thought

Technical analysis is an excellent way to combine laziness with fucktardedness.

late day thought - without lazy fucktards, those opposite would have no one to make them feel superior
what do you call a not lazy fucktard like doocati ? btw, have you seen his herb greenberg like assessment of VMI ?
in the fwiw department ... my retail source tells me KSS had good july sales ... maybe its come down far enough .. I just took some
Does Bob Pissonme have any purpose?
the same guy who told me BONT was a short at 48 .. lets see how he does with this one
By the way I think Jimmy too a Google in his pants.
pissonmes purpose is to make money like the rest of us ... and he does that by trying to convince us that what he says has some value .. obviously he's sucking the right dick in the right way
Fly, you will be punished severely for that late day thought. If I stop visiting your blog, you will lose 26.2% of your daily traffic. Take that!
Looks like the rally is going the other way.
"Here comes the rally."...

That was almost 2 hours ago. Time machine is still giving you trouble, eh?

Check your settings. I think you may have it set for Monday.

the Fly is not God.
I'm litt up now on my 5th Corona and all I can say is fuck these bears. They will get a beating right out of ledt field pon MOnday.
Christ all mighty the fucking Russel got lit the fuck up!

So you own about 50K MCHX between 13 and 15? What's going to start the ball squeeze? You just waiting til YHOO buys them? The CEO doesn't seem to want to sell his "young company". But he casually listens to offers...or so he says...
That's what you get for using low-grade smuggled plutonium in your time machine.

Buy the good stuff off the shelf.
cigars...aren't you going to ask about MATH?
Harry is a good case in point of friends not letting friends blog drunk. But I think he might not have any friends, so post away buddy!!
If AAPL goes to 205 "Fly" will make a turd load.
5 since noontime and you're feeling it? You must be a skinny little fucker horse harry.
The Fly is still God; Check out The Fly: Revelations
Tonight I shall dine on Garlic Balogna (the cheap kind, .99 cents a package).

Also, until the MVIS gods bless me with the holy OEM contract tablets, I shall shovel donkey dung for a meager wage and sacrifice many buffalo wings to Alik Tokman.
Hawkmoon: Go fuck yourself. I'm sure no one else will.

And yes stockhead. 140 dripping wet
Harry I would be drinking too and am. Today was shitty.

On another note, the CNBC MBA Challence is for faggot ass cock suckers. Does Maria look like she is losing weight? About 50 lbs off her fat ass and she would be a panty creamer.
As in she would make one cream in their panties if she lost 50 lbs?
I'm sorry but 5 coronas is 5 coronas - you can skin a lightweight cat however you want. I can put that down with my morning flapjacks and go ollie a 10 first try, no prob.

Also, an unrelated insult, my moustache has done more in its short life than you will acheive in a lifetime.

Nah. i figured if fly found anything worth mentioning he woulda said. He's holding. good enuff for me
I say, maria is an i-talian hag, bring on coke-slut erin burnett and I will make her see god.

on tv, if I had the chance.
That erin burnett is so hot I can't even hear what she says.
yeah i think terrible, terrible things when shes on. I would never want to watch her segment with her dad in the room. that would be funny
u guys r funny
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin Burnett is so stupid I don't know if my little general would even salute her.

But yes indeed, with her nonsensical commentary she does remind one of a wigged-out coke slut.
awww poor Harry the Horse, why the long face? Heh.

Don't worry about me though Harry, my wife takes pity on me at least once a month. So I've got that going for me :)
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