Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Late Night Thought

Tony Larussa is a fuckface sheep fucker.

Baseball Fan Update: Host on WFAN is on fucking fire. Fire then kill Larussa.

Pujoles is injured.
Pujols is not injured.

Fuck off. As usual, you are not privy to any useful information.

Don't you get it?

Larussa handed the game to his best friend, Leyland, because the Cards suck balls this year.

May God kill Larussa.
Larussa said, after the game, he was saving Pujols for extra innings.

What a dick.

May Larussa get cancer of the balls.
Any late night thoughts on MCEL?
MCEL's CEO should be Larussa.
Larussa has to go to alcohol classes, he's under some strain.
Who is Pujoles?
Broker- You need to stop drinking Monster after 4pm. All-Star baseball can you bet on that shit?
Larussa made some pretty good calls last year when the redbirds put it to your pond scum Mets. Leyland can have the All Star Trophy, St.Lou fans are happy with the ring. Oh and the Cards are 7.5 out, with Carp and Mulder on the DL set to return after the AS break. They play the division leading Brewers 9 more times this season. It's alittle premature to rule them out.
La Duca.... strike 3 baby!!
Ichiro is a crafty and quick Asian.

AL owns the NL.

Finally, Josh Beckett and the BoSox rule.

Those are the facts, and they are irrefutable.
Thats what all the blow hard AL fans said last year.
Larussa and the redbirds are both entities in decline. Any chart chomper can attest to that.
Big daddy pujols is hurt like MVIS>
A chance to win the game and he goes with chumps. BS! I'm an AL guy and even I was pissed not to see Pujols face Rodriguez with bases loaded.

Separately, yes you can bet on the All Star game. AL was favored and the over/under was 9 1/2.
Whatever stockhead the Cardinals are still the defending world Champions. Take into account their entire payroll is about 87mil vs the Yankees at 198mil, Bo Sox 130mil, or Mets 100mil.

The Cardinals have won 10 World Series titles since 1926 and 17 NL Pennants. Tony Lasrussa is ranked third in most career wins in the history of MLB. Take that and stick it in your chart chomper.
im beginning to doubt the fly on mvis
Speaking of the Cardinals, they are selling Monster energy drinks $8/can at the concession stands (It's nice having AB as a distribution partner).
It is rumored that La Russa is just about ready to announce a deal with Microvision any day now.
You were probably the guy that was saying the The Fly was the man for all his info on MVIS when it first broke the $4.80 range back at the end of May. It's still in this range. You guys start fucking around and you are going to piss him off, and you won't get shit. Once again, let me tell you a story about all the pussies that were selling HANS, VLO, AAPL, and ATI, on minor pullbacks just to watch the fuckers double and tripple bag after they sold. Fly has said, multiple times, this is a long term play. Jeeze.
St.Louis fans have more than 5 minutes of loyalty. Maybe that's why we always win.
"You guys start fucking around and you are going to piss him off"



Fly is well known for his robust sense of humor.

Lighten up.
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fly should stop acting like such a pussy.
Jeremy, you are a sorry SOB.
Fly is a cool dude for sharing his stock picks and strategies with us. Although I was into MVIS wayyyy before I started reading "The Fly's" blog, I still appreciate all the other tactics and picks that I read on this website (not to mention it's entertaining).

Bear Stearns (BSC:NYSE) is set to offload about $450 million of securities tied to one of its failing hedge funds later today.

The offering consists of securities from a cash collateralized debt obligation tied to a credit from debt backed by subprime mortgages. The CDO debt list is peppered with fixed and floating-rate junk debt but includes primarily securities that carry higher-credit quality as rated by Standard & Poor's and Moody's Investors Service.

Observers had expected that Bear might call off the offering, given Tuesday's firestorm wrought by Moody's and S&P's threatening to downgrade of billions of dollars' worth bonds backed by subprime mortgages. But the investment bank appears set to follow through with the sale. A spokesman didn't return calls seeking comment.
"The CDO debt list is peppered with fixed and floating-rate junk debt but includes primarily securities that carry higher-credit quality as rated by Standard & Poor's and Moody's Investors Service."

it's scary what S&P and Moody's are calling "higher credit quality" these days.

they will be under investigation when all the shit FINALLY hits the fan...mark my words.
The shit has hit the fan before. Cyclical purging process. They're already working on the next generation of fans...mark my words.
AZZ - nice call
MVIS to $15 next week. RUMOR only.
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