Sunday, July 15, 2007


The Midstreamers

I feel like I should have recommended this sector to you years ago. However, I didn't know you creepy guys back then. I still don't, so I guess it really doesn't matter. This sector is not done running. I believe it is one of the best chances in the market to capitalize on some consolidation. Midstreamers have a high probability of acquiring other companies and assets to increase their revenue stream. Even better, they are good candidates to be gobbled up like Captain Quint.

Midstream is is where large amounts of money has been flowing into over the past few years. They are the arteries of America.

Being a company in the storage and transportation business is the best of both worlds. They are becoming filthy rich off of the continuing energy demand, and they are doing it rather discreetly. The talking heads rarely notice these guys, and the detrimental political powers don't even know they exist. "Hey, I'm just the little guy storing and transporting the shit. Go after XOM or BP and leave me alone."

Going back a few years ...

Who in the hell is that guy on the left?

Still don't know? The answer is, a guy smarter than you. I'm not sure who the guy on the right is but I'm sure he's smart too. If Paul Allen told you "you need to buy this stock" you'd probably listen. He is the ultimate uber-nerd. You don't believe me? He named his investment group after Professor Spock's home planet. Do not underestimate him, his team has won the Super Bowl, yours hasn't. His investment into PAA should not be overlooked. He has had over a 100% return on it in just three years. Not bad considering it operates on a very stable business model. I wonder if his investment group owns any AAPL? Just a thought.

Many of you have been asking where is energy going. I say up. And I'm not just basing this on Mr. "Big White Teeth" Bolling's recos. Strengths and weaknesses in energy demand run in cyclical channels. However, the population of this global economy will continue to increase. Mainly increasing rapidly in booming parts of the world. Think China and India.

After lunch I'll throw out some overlooked names and maybe we can find some 10-baggers.

Tip of the Day: Do not fuck with the Jesus

Nice post.

However, it's worth noting, oil is for asshats.
This is a nice article written by Eric Englund.

Cold fusion, which was once ridiculed, are now picking up more and more attention. Hundreds of scientists are researching it. It defies conventional logic but then the experimental result are none-deniable.

Why it's relevant? Because Cold Fusion must be done using the palladium metal, our metal of the 21st century. If Cold Fusion is successful, then palladium will become priceless!!!

And who is to say cold fusion is not real? A company called D2Fusion is going to release commercial products pretty soon. An average family will be able to use a cold fusion device to heat the house during winter. But it MUST consume palladium to make such a device.

Believe it or not!

Auto makers put tens of billions of dollars into a thing called hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. They spend the money and they used a technology which MUST USE palladium. Are they joking when they inject tens of billions of dollars?

So believe it or not! It's a palladium super bull!

SWC is the ONLY USA palladium producer, and operates the world's highest grade PGM mines. Incredible amount of money can be made in SWC if this palladium bull materializes.

Visit my blog and read discussions on palladium and SWC.
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