Monday, July 16, 2007


Mr. Dow Jones on a Rampage

This guy will cut your legs off.

killing bedouins was never so easy
fly do you know who has been selling all these shares of mvis??
Also, did you start you investigation yet on mvis for further info??

you need to calm the fuck down. Fly said he would check into MVIS and let us know. What do you think, he got distracted by his VMI purchase and forgot or something?
kd you little fiend. Stop asking other people to do your fucking dd. Keep relying on internet buddies and you will lose money.
its fly's "friends" that have been selling MVIS, while telling fly that "a deal will be announced any day" and " I bought 150k shares today in various institutional accounts", hey wasn't June 30th the deadline for the announcemnet? LOL....
s dufour, you canadian faggot, I hope a snapping turtle eats your children's eyes
danny, a bit touchy today? Your attempt at a fly like insult is lame, nice try though.
Maybe sdufour is Dikootie.
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