Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Naturally, this makes sense

Fuck all you other bloggers. "The Fly" will laser beam your "shit spots" into oblivion.

Back to drinking.

What the hell is a college kid doing blogging. Oh yeah, finance major!
Out of that lot Alphatrends is good.
You are number 1 site, i rather read about fly buys and sells.
hey newequity, how does it feel to have shorted the bottom of the market today?
decided to buy calls for protection and made some serious coin.
jeremy: You will never win, you see bashers "never" lose money. They always buy the bottom and short the top. I find it a waste of time to even bother and just ignore.
gap, you are down over 18k on your ARWR paper trade.
NewEq is bullish on the trannies.
I found a pic of NewEq
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