Thursday, July 05, 2007



I've just been served a very large bowl of horse food. Stay tuned for a violent move to the upside.

UPDATE: Never doubt the power of my fucking oatmeal bowl.

A violent move to the downside is more likely.
no violent move to the upside unless the brokers get with the program
Either direction relatively meaningless in this holiday-shortened summer week.
The momentum guys are pushing JSDA up on strong volume and a pissy tape. Could they possibly be a take out candidate with such a rich valuation?
I don't get the appeal of Jones Soda. I mean, I tried it once and it tasted like corn syrup, it was way too sweet. And those weird flavors, like "Thanksgiving" Dinner or whatever it is, I mean come one, does anyone buy this crap? Other than the bottle I drank, i've NEVER seen anyone drink it. But hey, that's just me.
"Finally, it's nice to see UA enrobed in flames, despite not owning any shares."

I don't own any shares either, which is fucktarded with a capital T, since I have almost replaced every single piece of underwear I have with UA shit.

I am acutally wearing product now.

Is UA a potential Fly Buy? (wooosshh)
hey fly, any mvis updates?
Stockhead... ha! I know what you mean. I wear UA when I play sports. Good support, if u know what i mean. There's also good support at $45... lower than that and you lose your balls.

BTW, UA coming out with shoes very soon. Click clack, I can hear the money stack.
Tell us Fly - with tomorrow being the last day to convert warrants, the chart basing, and an announcement expected before the end of summer - is the moon, sun and stars aligning in favor of MVIS news Monday morning?

Go eat some more oatmeal.
Trader X--

Having static expectations is never a good idea and often results in swift poleaxing.

However, I do feel the longer we wait for MVIS news, the more coiled the stock becomes.
Bruce baby I'm with you! I meant oatmeal induced bowel downside move. Happy trading!!!
MRVL is not giving a god damn about your oatmeal. =[
Regarding MVIS, I hope we get news before my Sept calls expired.
If Fly keeps eating horse buckets of oatmeal the poleaxing and coiling will be that of a colonoscopy.
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