Saturday, July 14, 2007


The Pep Talk

When I first started my job, one of my co-workers had an incredible knack in investing. He gave me advise that I have since rediscovered by reading Fly on Wall Street. He told me to "quit fiddling around with numbers and charts, look around, the good ones are right in front of you". It did not click at the time, It does now.

Although The Fly has never given away all of his secrets, from what I have gathered, there seems to be a common theme in his expertise. Many of you know this, hang in there with me, this is for the new fuckers.

First off, I hate to continue the ducati bandwagon here, but it must be done. It exposes great contrast. Do not listen to these self labeled gurus. It will make you want to pull out the over-under and put it in your mouth. He probably has a ponytail anyway. Oh, you don't know what I'm talking about? Read the lethargic, in depth commentary of his assessments, then compare it to The Fly's. A while back, in the middle of bashing BWLD the beloved ducati mentioned he had had never eaten there or even heard of the place. What the fuck? This seems to be a common theme with market "professionals" regarding their market recommendations. You should tune it out, immediately. I almost always have CNBC on mute, unless T. Boone Pickens is making a move on Becky Quick.

So, after sticking with MVIS, BWLD, HANS and a few other Fly picks, I became truly intrigued. The simplicity is fascinating. Maybe it really is a "calculator brain". Or, does he really have that time machine from Ebay that I wanted? Nevertheless, it takes great skill to be able to recognize a force that is brewing out there unforeseen by the market.

Hopefully my next few posts will have The Fly theme written all over them, plus, I have good information on where a lot of money has been flowing into.

Tip of the day: Never bet against an Irish Gypsy

where did you find such a high res pic of ducati?

I don't like this post, as much as the last one, but hey, at least you're posting shit.

So tell me, will the rig build out hurt dayrates or not?

natty g?

helmerich and payne?
^Even one incorrectly placed comma is for suckers, sorry.
I don't know much about contract drillers. Very cyclical. But, it seems that global rig count is a little behind in the average price of crude, so there seems to be still good demand for rigs globally. Watch and see if HP starts to position themselves for more international business, the US has pretty cheap oil.

There is a ton of nat gas out there putting pressure on the price. But since demand is still fairly high, price will spike on fear of a hurricane distrupting delivery like in '05.
Crude- I was just cussing you out for putting all those tedious links in one paragraph--then I clicked on Becky- good pic.
Becky Quick. is hot T. Boone Pickens has good taste
Becky be nimble, Becky be Quick, Becky jump over T. Boone's candlestick.
Don't forget NTRI, thats been a good one lately. By-the-way, whats the consensus earnings estimate for NTRI? The WSJ has .74 and Reuters shows .84?
Becky Quick is great in the sack.
Deep water drillers like RIG, GSF, DO, RDC should do very well over time as exploration continues to move offshore, wouldn't you think?

What are your views on "peak oil"?

Regarding Becky Quick....she's not drop dead gorgeous , but there's something quite sexy about that woman :p
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