Thursday, July 05, 2007


Position Update: AAPL

I fucking knew AAPL would run higher, following the iphone bonanza.

About 2 weeks ago, I went to a birthday party, hosted by my older sons friend. At the party, I was discussing stocks, which always happens once people find out I manage money.

Anyway, long story short, I got into a debate with some guy over where AAPL would be trading, post iphone.

His assertions were: "Cramer said to sell the news." And, "why not sell it here and buy it back cheaper."

As you can understand, "The Fly" doesn't stand for such asshattery and was close to getting into a fist fight over such flawed logic.

The conversation ended with me saying something stupid, like: "You're going to be eating your shoes, when the stock hits $160, pal."

Obviously, every rank amateur tried to short the iphone launch, only to buy back shares higher.

In case you haven't figured it out by now, the iphone is a game changer, assholes. For example, look at my "Fly Survey." It says 15% of you would buy an iphone. At first glance, the low IQ'ers probably think 15% is a low number, when in fact it's huge.

If AAPL gets 15% of the U.S. handset market, the stock will be $300, easy.

What do you think of T?
fuck t

Think the ability to short stocks w/o an uptick (starts tomorrow) will lead to larger servings of roasted shorts? Or is this a set up for the big boys to "short at will," when they think the time is ripe?
What do you think the odds are of MVIS getting their Picop into next generations of the iphone? 5:1? 4:1?
I am that amatuer. Shorted apple at 115 hoping it would fall so I could get back in under par as Cramer says. Now I will be forced to cover if it breaks the threshold at 135.
Fly, I have very good sources for Apple and they say iTV is going to be absolutely "huge". Another positive for the stock going forward.
The 15% of this crowd may not translate to 15% of the normal population.

I'm not dumping on the stock. I'm neither long nor short AAPL. Just don't know if it will get the volume people are speculating until they are on the second release at a lower price.
Some random guy got to talk to Fly at a party about stocks? Damn, I'm jealous. All i get to do is post comments.

rumor has it that jobbs was interested in pioP but wanted exclusivity. Tokman didnt go for it. course, thats just rumor. But Jobs would be a fool not to realize the benefits of their projector. And he's not.
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