Thursday, July 19, 2007


Position Update: FMCN

This stock is having its lunch eaten for it, thanks to a postponement of their 2006 annual report.

Now, when it comes to China, who really knows what the fuck is going on?

I am using analyst assurances, via Citi and Piper, that this dip represents a buying opportunity.

Apparently, the company's auditor wants to make sure the 2005 numbers are accurate, prior to releasing the report. There have been allegations made-- pertaining to the accuracy of their reports.

The company is awaiting a consent letter. As they wait, it appears these Chinese investors are running for the Great Wall.

With that being said, this may be a bit of a dice roll, but I just bought 5,000 shares @ $42.87.


MCHX is also levered to GOOG right? So if GOOG posts good numbers....
I added some FMCN at 42.79 as well....
Speaking of GOOG does anyone here have any cogent thoughts on what to expect?

MCHX is not levered to GOOG, idiot.

Only YHOO.
GOOG is overvalued.

Sorry for being an idiot....

I got this from Marchex website

Marchex delivers customers to the product and service offerings of its advertisers through two channels: (1) the Marchex Network of vertical and local Web sites and (2) our partner network of leading search and shopping engines including Yahoo!, Google and MSN. Marchex's partnerships allow us to offer our advertisers access to the majority of qualified customers on the Web.
He's back.
I quit using GOOG since Fly put up his search engine. Nobody uses GOOG anymore. Oh wait, Fly's search engine IS Google, Fuck.
TIE is on fire.
Broker MATH is not looking to healthy, any reason to keep holding it?
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