Friday, July 06, 2007


Position Update: HANS

HANS going higher, despite what Herb the "bearshitter" says.

Thanks to MrkcBill for the pic.

Congrats on Hans Fly! MVIS finally seeing some action today. Still long @ 4.68. About to side with the bears on this market for the rest of July. It's starting to smell bad short term.
a reliable source on the street told me that over 65% of brokers and financial advisors surveyed are telling their clients to expect the market to go down this summer.

is it time to put on the contrarian thinking cap?
most firms on the street are still holding to their single-digit return forecast for the market in '07, and we are already there.

if they expect a rally in the fall, the market should go down this summer, so the conventional thinking goes.
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