Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Position Update: MVIS

Internet Leech:

"The Fly" is busy watching the "bearded one" go gangster on these fucktarded politicians. For a second, I thought Bernanke was going to get up and pistol whip Ron Paul. Or say some crazy shit like: "Shut the fuck up bitch, or I'm gonna raise rates on yo ass."

In the meantime, here is Canaccord's research report on MVIS.

You're welcome.

mvis - canaccord's research - doesn't
cme up
Yes it does, fuck face.
Yes, I got it!

I knew if you called me a good one - it would appear
thanks fly, "b" in da boss.
Ron Paul blames 9-11 conspiracy as the cause of the subprime problems.
Piece o shit ad for to get past!

re: on the road

did you kick his ass down several flights of stairs for his asshattery? Tell him to go fuck a can of corn? ..I like that part.
Re: Fly and an asshat
USNA roasting Minkow's balls today. It's been more of a slow roast - like one of them 18 hour BBQ's
Thanks, Fly. Good stuff.
Broker did you see your new book cover that I put together for you?
That's funny
Just in. The ARWR seller was seen going through the car wash again. It appears that another couple of passes may still be necessary, so I'll get a few more towels.
gapper - fabuloso !

don't believe that ARWR source .. hes the shill of that seller at Flys expense ... he played Fly & his merry band of net-tards like a fucking fiddle

I think you need to return the favor to this ARWR seller...
CNBC is trotting out the bears ... Fleck & Faber ... can't be far from a bounce uncanny trading indicator.
Caffeinated-What kind of car air fresheners do you carry?
I appreciate the report..........Thanks.
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