Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Quick Alert: Fly's Time Machine Fixed

As you know, the only reason why "The Fly" gave back most of his gains in USNA is due to his fucking time machine being in the shop. I'll have you know, I fixed it and just got back from tomorrow. Let me just exclaim: Shit looks great.

From a compliance standpoint, I'm sure the regulators would take issue with such "futuristic jargon." Then again, they don't have time machines; so fuck 'em.

As you can see, "The Fly" is banking some serious coin today, long SNDK, OEH, LZ, MRVL, BBND, RIMM and CORS.

Furthermore, I anticipate to have big dicked gains in VMI, near term.

NOTE: Hearing good things on IIG, again.

where do you see vmi going? i have been looking into this for a little bit

Broker, you haven't mentioned NTRI as much as usual. You still like it as much as last quarter?
I will have an NTRI update soon.

I like it here.

However, I hope it pulls back to the mid 60's, so that I can reload.
Can you go 9 months into the future and get us a pic of Beckey Quick and Mr. Pickens baby.

I've gotten my cock punched black and blue by the shorts in ARWR. I threw in the towel on most of my position. Will this piece of shit ever see the light of day?
We hear every day about how food inflation is increasing. I wonder if NTRI can pass those costs on without churning customers or slowing the rate of growth in new customers? Advertisng and marketing are crtitical for NTRI, and marketing costs increased sharply from 20% of revenue in 1Q06 to 24% of revenue in 1Q07. It's obvious more advertising inventory is being taken by politicians running campaigns, which should pressure advertising rates even more and increase NTRI's marketing/advertising expenses.

On the other hand, the stock is "cheap" at 17x '08 estimated earnings, tons of shares are sold short, and we're in a bull market in which the bulls enjoy taking the testicles of the shorts firmly in hand and squeezing the fuck out of them.
survey - not bullish ... momentum leaders springing leaks
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