Friday, July 20, 2007


Quick Alert: Going to Eat Oatmeal

Seeing my "upside reversal" call spin around in the toilet has caused me to eat oatmeal.

That's right.

The market is down 145 and "The Fly" is about to eat a giant wooden bowl of oats, heavily sweetened, with a dash of milk.


These guys say they like oatmeal too.
You'd better send a big ass bowl over to Goldman as well.
welcome to reality corn can fuckers ... more oats
eat faster please.
pass the 100% pure kanadien maple syrup ... no korn syrup korn kan fockers

I know you have tons of IMG via the London exchange, but have you tried getting the IGNMF? Looks like a solid, growing company. I could buy it thru scottrade on-line...if it had a bid or an ask! it trades in such small volumes, some days no trades at all, is it wise to buy something with almost zero liquidity?

And now that it's up today, can I mention MATH? Still holding?
Love the site.
I think time machines need flux capacators, not plutonium.
the ship is sinking & the rats be fleeing ... last rat shuts the lights
As a public service to this retarded blog- I would be willing to do something totally out of the box to bring this market back.

Ala "jefferson krull" I will sell all of my TWX @ 1pm. If that does not ignite a rally then nothing will. Load up fuckers once I'm out of it-- It'll be smooth sailing to $30
I just ate a 2 inch ribeye. Seriously. With a Corona. It's a beautiful day here and I threw it on the grill with some lemon pepper shrimp and some roasted peppers. Fuck these bears.
Still in this stupid MATH.

IGNMF is just as good as buying it on the LSE.

Finally, I am drinking coffee from "Country Donuts."

It's worth noting, I have never had coffee from that fat fucker safe haven.

We shall see the effects it has on the markets.

Also, i have an update on my local Chinese restaurant. You know, the "robster" guy.
Hedges bitches. QID's first good day for me since March. Whosya daddy?
we need some robster.
"Position Update: FMCN
This stock is having its lunch eaten for it,"

Will it be hungry again in an hour?
Harry, it is 2.5, not 2 inch, you fucked it up. Markets go down sometimes, and you are starting to sound like CNBC. Talks of armageddon. Sinking ships. Overflowing toilets. CAT reports a bit sofer, so what. Is it funny that everyone had been talking about higher steel prices and how steel companies where on a tear. You ever seen a CAT bulldozer that is made out of fucking plastic? Even the toys they sell at their little stores are made from metal. Why do midstream companies still sit there green to flat while people are shitting their pants?
GS - i'm in. hope i get to own it for more than a day ... ;) at the least, I figure buying financials today will generate more adrenalin than eating oatmeal. like danny skating down one of those handrails...
Flux capacitors use plutonium for fuel.

...Dung Fly, you are a shit eater.
Hey sorry dude, but my ribeye was 2 inches. But I'm not shitting my pants. I'm digesting my steak, having another ice cold one and waiting to pounce on some fucked up bargains.
The Bears have been taking out the stops placed late yesterday. Stupid stop-loss-order-placing fairy fuckers.

Since I'm not making any money today, I've got nothing else to do but make a prediction:

The Bulls will run the market back up. Yes, a late day reversal is in the cards, boys. Just like in Pamplona, baby.

Oh, and the Fly will be delightfully surprised (though not too overly surprised), abandoning his oatmeal for 2.5" ribeyes.
Great day - WGAT on fire
SQNM has new promo website for non-invasive fetal nucleic acid DNA testing (as an alternative/replacement to/for amniocentesis):

video @ bottom left.
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