Monday, July 16, 2007


Quick Alert: Weak Underpinnings

There is a secret to knowing whether the market is going to take off, or shit the shower. Naturally, "The Fly" is privy to such data. However, he is not going to share it with you (internet peanut gallery).

Thus far, there are too many leadership stocks in the red, in order to support a significant rally. Additionally, after big rallies, cowards like "going to cash." It makes them feel like they are doing something smart.

You know, they believe by going to cash, they will be able to avert a disastrous market decline. Because, as you know, these market guru's have crystal balls on their bullshit desk (delivered from Staples).

In short, go to the fucking beach and quit bothering "The Fly" with gay questions.

I sold my MATH, DIVX, ARWR & MVIS.
I dunno Fly, you hired crudebroker just in time for the sector to take one upside the head ... maybe your magic dust is fuckin with you.
Breaking News: Americans to stop using natural gas and crude oil by 2008. No further need for pipeline infrastructure to supply the demand.
Crude, I wouldn't go that far but the sector has run far & may be out of gas for a while. Very heavy out there. What u think?
All were calling tops on the DOW a few months back too, go ahead and short bruce.
just asking opinions .. not necessarily looking for shorts in the sector
People said AAPL ran too far after the iPod and may run out of gas. People said metals ran too far i.e. ATI, RS, AKS and may run out of gas. People said refineries ran too far too fast back in 2004 and 2005, (they've doubled since then) and every talking head on CNBC would use the same 'ol pun "Refinery stocks out of Gas?" So, I am hoping people will start saying the midstreams are about to run out of gas, which we know means they are going to double from here.
thx cb ... as an aside, was just watching bloomberg tv ... HHGP shedding 20%
As long as there is worry and cash and an abundance of short sellers out there, the market has more room on the upside.

Didn't they teach you in "Stockmarket 101" that everything is based on the greater fool theory?

We haven't got enough fools in the hopper yet. Once we do, everything goes in the meat grinder. It's that simple. Why complicate matters by watching every tick?
well alot of the greater fool stocks are taking it on the chin today, so one must be alert
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