Thursday, July 05, 2007


Rakim: Paid In Full

LWAY closing in on my $15 target. ALTI big rally at close.. anyone enjoying my picks besides me? IOM? HYGS and ACEL are next. Also PHLI breaking out.
Picture of MVIS short seller:

By the way MPEL is breaking out hard after I mentioned it looked as though it bottomed last week.
Maybe Broker can make MPEL work, but I lost a lot in that MPEL already. They got a positive comment from some joker that basically said "they suck, but they are at fair value now." Why not buy LVS, which is at least profitable and also worth a shit?
Back from Oklahoma City. You guys crack me up, especially The Fly. Everytime I turned the TV on AMC these past few days, Patton was on, reminded me of this site, good stuff. I have another clip of good information. It may not be as exciting as "HEY EVERYONE, HILTON LOOKS HOT TODAY", but I have good information on it. Fly, you may like it considering you like VLO.
What you got for us Crude?
Crude, throw us a bone!

Does it have something to do with WNR?
I thought Crude was in Jail after that HLT call.
Brent, I'm still following them. Keep them coming.
For all you chart chompers, KOG is an oil and gas company. Should find some support at 4.60 or so... trading below 5 now.

But, I have no time machine or calculator brain.

HAYN up sweet today . Buy CE . I know a pile of hedge funds that need to get their positions up to a meaningful level. Going to mid 50's.
Thanks Bruce. AEO just finnaly firmed above its 20 sma. This could be trading much higher come end of August.
EGO. if you think dollar is toast. best looking gold chart.
Your AEO on the move!
looks like buy-in day for NYX. About time...
ASTI setting up very nicely. I am entering here with a 8% down mental stop.
Ok, so, Chestnut regains the mustard belt and I was told a hot dog rang the opening bell yesterday? The stock has been on a tear? 5 year chart of this fucker is incredible, considering they are grinding up the ass end of a pig, putting it on a bun and selling it to, you. Man, missed that move. AEO store is always packed in Sugar Land, stock price hasn't shown it in a while, not sure why.
ASTI looks great. If it weren't for going on vacation, I might nibble.

Crude? Is it that ubonics thing again.
Blue Horse Shoe Loves Anacot Steel.
Wood, I am trading while on vacation. Just in the mornings. It's easier on the west coast. PHLI busting loose.
SIMO looks good. I have never seen so many beautiful charts ready to break out. Market is going higher. Of course, this means load up on the QIDs, lol.
stockhead, riiiight what?

jefferson, ubonics thing?
DD needed here, but an interesting China play-- SDTH.. This chart is "Chompin".. Ok, off to skirfing..
I can't find the symbol for Anacot Steel, have they been acquired?
You stop sending me information, and you start getting me some.
OVTI off to $30
Wow, gigantic volume in that KOG I mentioned. Apparently I'm not the only chart chomping "fucktard" that liked it!

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