Thursday, July 19, 2007



Love this guy. But, he is the exact opposite of me, obviously.

NOTE: Incorrectly spelling the word "lose" as "loose" is a great way to display ignorance and sheer stupidity. You know who you are, fucker.

"The Fly" doesn't get lucky on short squeezes. He makes them.

UPDATE: Due to a sudden flash of creativity, I changed the title to read "hamburger," instead of "fuck."


fly are you gonna take that? may i recommend a clean punching off of someones chest hair.
If CBS bought out Wallstrip, wich is just not that funny or relevant, for a few mil, then I suppose someone will pay this dick for his shit video blog. I guess inflation makes everyone look like a genius or some shit.
Fly--don't forget to chastise the "corn can fucker" with a swift kick down a flight of stairs... as you know, that's my favorite part.
fly, do have a price target for mvis after the oem contract announcement? and do you plan on scaling back on your position after the first contract?
Does it make you feel special calling people out on the internets?
Ballsy move.

I don't call anyone out. Mr. Krull is fully aware of his deficits.

As for you:

Well, you are better off throwing m-80's at yourself, than fucking around with me.

By the way, whoever made that website is going to have his knee caps punched in.
That site is lame and completely full of shit to boot. I follow THIS blog close enough to know and have no agenda either way.
jefferson is literally the fucking best. sorry. he is the common man's stock dude
Huge PAL BREAKOUT Today. Up more than 7%.

But the SWC BREAKOUT will be GIGANTIC! How come? Because based on the best estimate, SWC's Q2 earnings will be 26 cents, beats the 3 cents street consensus by a huge margin!

Get on the Palladium Super Bull train, NOW. The fun is in SWC.
FMCN is gonna roast short presser balls on the back of China's 'inferno of fun' rally today.
I'm sick of this dude spamming everyone's blog with this crap about SWC...

where are cors earnings?
CE is not having a good week.
yowser ... I mentioned CE .. bad hit to this years earnings ... story still good according to my source - don't know where she stops - 33-36 ?
" Jeremy said...

where are cors earnings? "

I'm hearing Tuesday.
I am buying cors right here..
My price target for MVIS is $4.50 where my buy order is waiting "losely".
CAT miss is the canary in the coal mine. The correction has begun. Prepare for pain.
lol, loser
Good morning NewEquity, please let me know when you stop yourself out of IBKR. Thanks.
Mr. Suck My Nasdaq gimmick is pretty old right now.
I'm loading up on NTRI. I can't imagine how it could've had a bad Q2, with all the lazy fat fucks trying to slim down for the summer without going to the gym.
is it to early to conclude that this quarter's earnings are a bust? you look at how many leaders have failed to deliver already. at the very least, it seems safe to say this ain't no repeat of 1Q.
Tech earnings this quarter have been quite good.
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