Monday, July 16, 2007


Red Hot Chili Peppers: The Zephyr Song (Live)

19:27 EDT USNA Usana-USNA pre-announces Q2 EPS of 66c vs consensus of 63c
Pre-announces Q2 revenue of $109.4M versus consensus of $104.2M.

Broker A,
Time to take a look at Roo Group.
Wellington owns 20%, Rupert is interested. Fox Business is in the bank.
Big 6 and the bone
Big 6 and the bone

Both BRLC and MNAP were blue today!
Maximus said...

My picks (If you give a shite)




6:51 AM
Nice number, but the accountant quit? And the accountant was Grant? If they hire one of the big 4 it's go time, if not it's a red flag. My opinion: Grant sucks, when they fire a client that's as damning as a positive HIV test.
Woodshedder, tell these lemmings how healthy the weekly chart looks on MVIS. Also, please explain what will happen to the price once the 9,12,26 daily MACD crosses the zero line. Amuse me, I'm bored.
lol @ crude.

First of all, Fly's time machine is obviously done being repaired.

MVIS: I don't think shit will happen until a contract is announced, regardless of the technicals. As for the weekly chart, it seems to be in limbo. MACD is presaging a possibility of more downside.

For the daily MVIS, it is evident of a lot of sellers around the 5.10 area. This might be because this is the level that was traded on the day when the majority of warrant holders were able to convert. Most of the them are probably suffering from anchoring bias, and are hitting the sell button at the level the stock was when there warrants became shares.

At this point, re: MVIS, you are either a long or short, waiting on a contract announcement, or not. It is that simple, IMO.
"At this point, re: MVIS, you are either a long or short.."

in other words, amigos, "Are you a MexiCAN, or are you a MexiCAN'T?
ed zachary.

handicapped or handicapable?
Maximus if MNAP were so good the shit would not be trading on the OTC. BRLC is a good pick in my opinion and yes as you and I posted in pre-market today BRLC was set to do well and should have more follow through.

In other news I just took a steamy shit and rubbed Minkow's face in it. I think it made him look like less of a douche bag.

Someone who did look like a dirty douche bag was the JBLU CEO. Did you guys see this cunt breath on O'Reilly tonight. Personally I think he just got done having a dildo rammed up his ass when he came out. Sorry but I don't ride on those Jet Blue busses, I'll stick with American.

Finally before I get back to what I do best, fucking off, I wanted to comment on the negative MVIS posts. Why are you guys so worried? The stock trades, it doesn't go straight up or straight down, it trades. Until there is market moving news it will go up and down in a range like Broker has been saying for the past couple weeks. I am using these dips to pick off some shares. Look I did the same thing when we were in the 4.60's and 4.70's and I think you will be happy that you did very soon. Until then let the stock trade and quit getting so flustered. Consolidation is good. it will allow for a bigger move when it comes. Good luck tomorrow!
ed zachary...when yor face rook rike yor ass, meaning you are extleemery ugry...yu ah fooked...ed zachary. Ah so.
Boone has zachary's disease?
Hey gappingandyapping (GAY) You sound pissed because you did not get kudos---WELL CONGRADUFUCULATIONS!!
AND... fuck u very much... the bottom line is I MADE COIN BITCH!! OTC THIS GAY YAPPER
"In other news I just took a steamy shit and rubbed Minkow's face in it. I think it made him look like less of a douche bag. "

That was uncalled for and I can't stop laughing.
no more mvis bullshit. all of you are dependent upon fly for a date and constantly whine about it. sack up, get the fuck out of here and start a pool for the date.

Are the elections still going on? Am I allowed to vote for myself? Let me see. I just tried to vote twice and it won't let me. It says, "You have already voted, Your last vote was not added to the results" What the fuck? This is the internet, what kind of ship you running here Fly? Oh, and by the way, why do your recommendations sometimes trade down?
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