Friday, July 20, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Financials

Fuck CAT. How many times does that company have to miss earnings for CNBC to understand they suck? It has nothing to do with a slowing economy and everything to do with the fact that they suck.

Do you know what I smell?

A rally, you corn can fuckers.

The bears are pinning their hopes and dreams of swift armageddon on the financials-- and CAT. Well, I'll have you know, there are signs of life, particularly in COF, C, LEND and OPY.

Watch GS, LEH, MS, MER and BSC very closely. Should those fuckers reverse, the market will annihilate the bears.

With my money, I haven't decided whether to back up my far fetched predictions with real money or just "opine." As you know, it is easy to talk shit--hard to eat it.

Nonetheless, you know the stocks I like. If anything, I'll buy more NTRI or LZ.

Anyway, long story short, "The Fly" is predicting an upside reversal today.

NOTE: I did not use my time machine to make today's market call.

UPDATE: Maybe it's all this caffeine I have ingested, but I feel this 130 point hole the DOW is in will be erased, by the end of the day.


PWAV is breaking out. It has a big short position and its starting to pop...
Looks like you foretold the "hole" yesterday with your 3:30 pm vid. Be careful out there.
I predict armageddon ... the end of the world as newequity knows it
Are you eating high quality steel cut oatmeal or that quaker shit today?
2 inch ribeyes for breakfast. That'll teach the bearfuckers.
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