Monday, July 16, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Food and Beverage

Aside from the strong momentum in the DOW, the market sucks today. "The Fly" has a few stocks worth mentioning, such as NTRI and OEH. However, for the most part, my teeth are being punched in, as MCHX, MVIS, FMCN, BWLD and a variety of other "winners" lose value.

So far, there is notable strength in the trannies and food and beverage stocks.

IHP is being bid up hard, due to its proposed APPB buyout. My "calculator brain" has informed me that IHP shouldn't be up this much. Moreover, their restaurants cater to flap jack eating asshats.

Aside from IHP, PFCB, GMK, NATH and PFACP look good.

As for the trannies:

GBX, DRYS and CHRW have mojo.

In short, "The Fly" is busy with other important tasks, than to fuck around with letters and numbers (stocks) today. However, I'll have you know, oatmeal will be served soon.

My god who is selling 105k shares of MVIS here?
Good question. I saw it too. It will be interesting to see if it stays on the ask. I do not have level 2 here at work.
I just finished my morning bowl of oatmeal. Q2 earnings kicking off, PPI, CPI, Bernanke and options expiration all this week. Stocking up on extra oatmeal just in case.

Plus all the bullish chatter about record short positions (such an obvious analysis) has my contrarian brain on alert mode.

Bob Pisani should not be allowed to remove the "kick me" sign from the back of his suit.
well, I'm broke. Used todays pullback to my advantage, re FMCN
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