Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Gold

Yesterday, I gave up on hopes of "baking Minkow's balls," via USNA. As you know, I sold the fucker @ $45+-- locking in a profit. Today, post earnings report, the stock is back to "baking his balls."

Go figure.

However, being that I have more important things to do, then fuck around with multi level marketing retards, "The Fly" has decided to walk away from this battle, unscathed of course.

As for the general market:

This sub prime shit just won't go away. Without a doubt, the sub prime scare will result in plenty of panic selling and bountiful opportunities. At some point in the near future, I will buy some BSC or LAZ.

Today, almost everything, with the exception of gold, oil and utilities, is being poleaxed. Bernanke stood his ground and made our elected empty suits look like fucktards.

As you know, "The Fly" is not a gold bug. Frankly, I feel gold bugs are "corn can fuckers," who often wait for gloom and doom.

Anyway, it's worth noting, select gold/silver stocks have momentum, notably SA, ABX, KGC, NEM, PAAS and HL.

Also, select energy stocks look good, such as XTO, XEC, HOS, IOC, MRO, OXY, GLBL, OII, PXP, EOG, CAM and DVN.

With my money, I intend to buy more VMI, LZ, MVIS, RS, HANS, EQIX, NTRI and CLX.

Finally, it's worth mentioning, AZZ is on fucking fire. And, I will use this dip to add to positions.

"corn can fuckers,"

a new label is born

any comments for FMCN?
Fly has his stock riffs & improvs
stockhead stfu
FMCN is good to go
I have a tiny position in ARWR at $6.10 thanks to my unerring bad timing in such matters. Within minutes of my purchase, Fly reduced his position.

Oh well, at least I haven't been sweating bullets over MVIS!

I'm holding ARWR as a "speculative long" at this point...uh, very long, for all I know.

Nature of the beast.
Oil is for asshats.

Does this mean a no go for MCHX?
I think TCHC is a good buy here: beaten down, just confirmed '07 ($2-2.5), dirt cheap even for a florida insurance company, they've been driven to diversify out of state, 7+% yield; finally, my insider knowledge confirms that no hurricanes will make landfall in Florida (or the Gulf) in 2007, just in case you were curious ;)

today's pop could razz all the wildmen.
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