Thursday, July 05, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Internet

Here we go again. As rates climb higher, all I can think about is sandwiches and rice pudding.

I mean, should I go with the Italian lunch meat with vinegar and oil? Or, fuck around with Thanksgiving on a roll?

The rice pudding is a definite. I'm sure the Indian restaurant down the street will have some with raisins.

Aside from that, internet stocks are ripping higher, with big dicked gains in SNCR, CHINA, BIDZ, NTES, LOCM and BIDU.

With my money, due to the light volume, I will just sit here and throw bread ends at my trader/servant.

Also, it's worth noting, there is a "real" arbitrage situation in MVIS versus MVISW. Friends of mine have been capitalizing on the spread. To me, it's amusing to see no opinion coming from a certain $10 bet winner/fucktard blogger, who resides from the cesspool of New Zealand.

Finally, it's nice to see UA enrobed in flames, despite not owning any shares. And, my favorite hotel stock, on the HLT buyout, is OEH. Undoubtedly, one day those fuckers will get bought out too.

Wasn't July 5 the last day for MVISW warrant conversion? I thought I read that somewhere.....

Last day to convert is the 6th. Whoever said otherwise is a fucktarded, dickless asshat.
I heard the Indian restaurant will occaisionally substitute rabbitt "pellets" for raisins. Be careful with the pudding.

The real arb in MVISW and MVIS was on Tuesday when the warrarnts traded down to $1.30. Before commish, the dealer(?) who bought those warrants made over $0.75/share asbolutely risk free (assuming he could borrow the stock to short it). I was willing to take the gamble I could borrow the stock and immediately bid for 10,000 warrants $1.40. The huge discount to parity immediately shriveled after I put my bid out. Fuckers.

There is a constant arbitrage. Just add $2.65 to the cost of the warrants and figure it out.
Yeah...I understand. It's only a few cents/share now. The fucktarded seller at $1.30 on Tuesday handed the buyer a Christmas gift in July. As soon as I saw the $1.30 print, I put my bid out at $1.40 and, of course, the market maker immeidately moved his bid above mine. I knew then he was going to make a more honest market and I gave up trying to outbid him. Plus, I was only interested in the arb. I don't want the market risk and I wasn't certain I could borrow the stock to complete the arb.
Any news on UA? It blew right past it's all time high. Is this a takeover target?
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