Monday, July 09, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Metals

Wow, where to begin?

SNDK and many other semi's are ripping higher. Also, AZZ will not go down, disabling "The Fly" from buying any.

On the back of SCHN's numbers, the metals are on fire, with large dick gains in CENX, RS, BHP, ZEUS and TIE.

The energy sector has ridiculous momentum, check FSLR, CHNR, ANW, STP, HNR and DSTI for proof.

Even the biotech's are flame broiling the shorts, with spikes in ALNY, ISIS, CTIC and CYTR.

Also, let's not forget the "it's the end of the world, so let's buy a stock" action in the networkers. Big gains in BCGI, BKHM, SMTX, PWAV, SILC and NTGR are prevalent.

What does this mean?

Well, for one, it suggests investors are saying "fuck it" and going long, at least until September, when fucktarded corrections typically occur.

The bottom line: If the annual summer correction doesn't happen soon, idle cash will flood the indices and send stocks up, another 5% or so. People are aware that time is running out for the bears, and positioning accordingly.

With my money, I like the oils, via VLO, and tech, via MVIS. Also, their is money to be made in OEH, AZZ, NTRI, HANS, RS, MATH, and BWLD.

Naturally, there are many other stocks worth investing in. However, "The Fly" prefers to concentrate on a select few. If you disagree with his tactics or market analysis, fuck off.

"The Fly" is too busy, banking coin, to debate intricacies with internet offal.

update on BONT short.. fm my retail source in the trenches : "They are not long for the world... stores are old, and they are in the "middle", (they think they are higher). I don't know if they own their real estate...if so that would be the only reason"
how many shares do you, and your friends combined, own of MVIS.
Thanks in advance

Great call on BONT. Very impressive.


I have disclosed my position size numerous times. However, due to its ever increasing size, I have decided to just shut up about it.

Just know, it is my largest position.

I finally tried a Loca Moca Java Monster, good stuff.
Danny's 3rd video.

Very funny. Kind of looks like him.
Speaking of metals, take a look at MMG
TJX might get taken out tonight or tomorrow. Check out the call volume.
MMG is a really good call. I have it. Excellent prospects b/c of rich zinc mines. Excellent management team as well.
damn these internets leaks. That is a pretty good video of me.
Since corn prices collapsed a couple of weeks ago, ethanol stocks have been on fire.

I think anything ethanol/solar/wind related are the next bubble stocks. Unfortunately for me, I had considered them fads. But now there are just too many legislated government subsidies occuring at both federal and state levels for them to go away even if oil drops significantly. So, FSLR, ZOLT, TSL, SPWR never come down to give you an entry point. Now even little HOKU is announcing huge contracts regularly.
would I be correct to assume 500K and 1.5M?
I never seen you mention a number after the warrants.
And you should never have to tell yourself to shut up, it leads to self esteem meltdowns and knawing on you big toe hang nails til it bleeds.

You are correct. However, do not forget that chickens eat corn.

Hence, chicken prices will decline and send shares of CMG and BWLD through the fucking roof.
Stay away from ethanol plays. WNR, FTO, DK, COP, HOC, and TSO is where your money should be.
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