Thursday, July 19, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Networkers

Well, it looks like the bears are really going to pay a high price for being short, today. Right out the gates, every sector is green and momentum is abundant.

Talk about beating the street consensus: Look at AVCI.

As for me, RS had mixed results. The stock should be bought on dips. Excellent takeover target. And, as you know, VMI knocked the fucking wheel's off the sellers wagon. I'm sure VMI will print $90-$100, sometime this year.

Don't forget, IGNMF (Imagination Technology) is on European fire, rumored to be the graphics chip maker for the iphone. And, I have a new foreign play, Sunplus (no viable U.S. ticker symbol). They are rumored to supply the sensor's for the Nintendo's Wii.

There is a new issue coming out that "The Fly" approves of: NZ. Keep an eye out for it.

As for the networkers:

FFIV caught a $100 price target; and JNPR's good numbers has resulted in a Goldman upgrade. In short, the sector is on fucking fire.


Finally, my bullishness for MVIS has been refreshed. For what it's worth, "The Fly" has been reassured, by his single best source, that MVIS will land the ever allusive OEM deal, by summers end. Furthermore, he ("The Fly") has been assured that everything is running on schedule-- and there will be no delays.

So, in my head, the OEM deal is a forgone conclusion. Hence, everyday until then (when the deal is announced) is a fucking gift. Act like it.

Fly - what you expect out of CORS today?
you're sticking around for that?
Gapping, everyone's talking about LinkedIn buzz already, but all the midwest IT headhunters, and most hiring managers are connected and watching there. There's plenty of Chicagoland activity, especially in tech sales.
caffinated: Yeah I have noticed that there is a big highering push lately. A ton of postings daily requesting people. I think this will also lead to good tech results especially in the IT security space.
Broker - thx 4your replies - can I please get your thinking on why you are holding through earnings if you expect pain? Is it a small position, is it the possibility of it not being the disaster that shorts are looking for causing shorts to take it up? Is enough bad news priced in to make the risk/reward reasonable considering the short int?

great call on VMI. Absolutely spectactular. Youre the first guy that ever made me money on the internet. I thought you were just playing the earnings? Now youre waiting for $90-$100? Stop confusing us fucktard internet leeches.

And would you tell us stupidasses how to buy IGNMF please?

I'm going to kick an old bastard in the nuts in your honor today. Thanks
Call your trading desk.
Gapping, you've probably checked out Identity Management direct-linked with storage. Talking heads say the "security" replacement. Some of the big firms say they can do, but mostly BS and bundling. Still trying to find an independent play.

Crude, veddy nice on EPD. What are you hearing about Concho Resources IPO? I should be able to get an allocation.

Broker, you just plain rock. Now with VMI, I’ve just changed you to my home page period.
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