Friday, July 06, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Retail

While it's true, I enjoy "mushroom clouding" short sellers and picking the wallets of numerous old people, in order to demonstrate my superior "calculator brain." This is getting somewhat ridiculous.

I mean, how many different ways must a short seller have his face punched in? Yet, despite the underlying strength in everything under the sun, short interest is near record highs.


As you know, "The Fly" is banking some serious coin today. Already, HANS, NTRI, VLO, SNDK, MVIS, AEO, CN, NYX and FMCN are punching lips off the sellers.

With my money, I want to buy more OEH and AZZ, if the fucker will stop going up.

As for retail, M, TGT, AEO, BID, ZUMZ and VLCM look attractive.

Look you, American's will not stop spending money. We are a materialistic society, where everyone wants to be rich. Moreover, there are a boatload of credit card companies who will gladly make you "feel rich," for a small loan rate of 35%, Italian mafia style.

While it's true, if "The Fly" was Presidente, he would take a large wrecking ball to Mastercard's fucktarded HQ, in order to set those fuckers straight. However, "The Fly" is nothing more than a mere stock market guru, with a bullet proof ego and "calculator brain."

NOTE: I'm calling a bottom on MVIS, again. Go ahead, fuck around and short the stock. You'll find yourself living under a bridge, inside 6 months.

"...despite the underlying strength in everything under the sun..."

Notable exception: ARWR
groups breaking out -- computers, telecom, internets

MU is surprising me.


"riiight" means - WTF? on your post.
Oooooh, I was referring to NATH, you know, the big giant hot dog rang the opening bell yesterday, thats all. Chart looked good, missed the opportunity.
Big dicked gains in JADE.
Fly, AZZ = a play on higher temp and the need for air condi during the summer?
AZZ= play on electricity grid.
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