Thursday, July 12, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Retail

Do you see this shit?

I feel like a monkey in a banana store, with all of my stocks ripping higher. I don't know which way to look.

As you now know, "The Fly" has been doing this (banking coin in stocks) for years. Without bragging, it's fair to say "Fly" is the best stock picker in the Universe, with that old fucker from Omaha coming in a distant second.

Already, this morning, I busted Minkow's jaw, as USNA streaks higher. And, I am enjoying "shocking" gains in AEO, RS, FMCN, AZZ, VMI, JCG and SNDK.

To be fair, the entire market is exploding with gold coins, as retail stocks lead the charge.

Never doubt the degeneracy of the U.S. consumer and her ability to buy stuff. Even I was once taught a very valuable and expensive lesson, by fat mountain bitches, when I shorted CWTR.

Within retail, AEO, ANF, HOTT, JCP, DLIA, FRED, EZPW, PLCE, ZUMZ, MW, CACH, SCVL, URBN, VLCM, GYMB, NDN, ARO and DECK have serious mojo.

Also, once again, foreign internet stocks are ridiculous. Take a look at REDF, SIFY and SINA.

Finally, it's worth noting considerable strength in the metals, thanks to a fresh bid for AL. Don't you get it, you dumb fucks? The sector is under serious consolidation. You have to be a fucktard to not own any.

My favorites are: CENX, RS, PCU, ZEUS, KALU and STLD.

all your stocks ripping higher? Oh yes, that MVIS is sure ripping, but let me guess the news is
"with that old fucker from Omaha coming in a distant second"

if not the best, at least the funniest

yo, thx for several picks ... i owe ya.. my wife is one smokin' bitch .. she's yours

Is MVIS my only position? If it was, I wasn't aware.

Fuck off.
sdufour: eat a dick. Just like worthless fucks on welfare, you fucking complain even when people are giving you free shit.
lol, I'm joking with know that, right?

Who knows? Lots of ingrates on the internets.
Pussy. A couple of witty comebacks thrown your way, and you run for the cover. If you gonna hang out at this blog and talk shit, grow some balls.
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