Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Semiconductors

The "wheel barrow" dollar is getting its ass kicked, again. On top of that, rates are dropping quickly. All this because HD and company said their earnings will be somewhat poleaxed. As a result, the homebuilders, retail, brokers, metals and just about everything, with the exception of oil and internet stocks, are being crrr-ushed.

My sense, let the market go down triple digits, then nibble like a rat on cheese.

Doing a little research, it appears NVDA has been excluded from the iphone. Instead, graphic chips are being made by a company named Imagination Technologies. You can buy the stock on the London Exchange or over the counter here, via IGNMF. Undoubtedly, being inside the iphone will help this company-- a great deal.

Thus far, I am seeing some marked strength in select software names, such as CTCH, ATVI, IMMR, DRIV, SMSI and ERTS.

Additionally, with the exception of NVDA, BRCM, SNDK and INFM, semi's are being whipped with spiked leather. However, "The Fly" believes the sector should be owned. Therefore, look at this decline as a buying oppotunity, instead of a short.

Also, it's worth noting, there are rumors that AMD may start outsourcing chip production to TSM. If this rumor is accurate, TSM is a fucking buy. And, this may be a loss for CHRT.

Finally, AAPL is destroying those who bet against it. Steve Jobs is the best CEO in America and should be awarded the lofty position of President, instead of having some asshole throw darts at his face--whenever the stock goes down.

NOTE: If you fuckers like KO, take a peak at CCLAY (Coke Australia). They're better.

I need a little fucking pull back on this WNR. Why? well because, I recommend it everyday, and some day in the future, it will drop $7, and some dick will give me shit, "Hey Crude, hows that WNR doing for ya pal?" ...Seems common from people on this board, i.e. NewEq
IVAN break out.
Anyone buying EPD? I hate K-1's , but am buying it anyway.

Thanks for the post, muley
B.a., in the CCLAY vein, you have any opinion on FMX?

mexicans in america has to be a trend. any ideas besides WU?
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