Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Semiconductors

"Baked balls" anyone?

For those of you who are concerned, no worries, "The Fly" has preserved a profit in USNA, being long from $44. However, it's worth noting, I hate USNA now and will never mention that stock again. Further, if any of you little fuckers mention "baked balls" or "how's that short squeeze fucker," I will track you down and punch your mustache--clean off your face.

Position closed out, end of story.

As for the semiconductors:

NVLS is boosting the sector, up 10%. Within the sector, I like LRCX, FORM, VSEA, HITT, SNDK and MRVL. Also, it's worth noting, there is strength in chemical stocks, thanks to the LYO buyout. Within the sector, I like NEU, IOSP, LZ, DOW, DD, and RHA.

With my money, I added to my fucking OEH and MCHX positions.

Finally, I suspect commodity based stocks will firm up today. There, I like RS, KALU and SU for a trade.

NOTE: Minkow is a crafty little criminal. However, it's worth noting, I'd still like to see him go back to jail-- at some point in the near future.

NOTE II: Please take the new "Fly Survey." Are you bullish or bearish on the markets?

How the T Boone / Becky connection germinated:


It's a strange feeling to be disgusted and aroused at the same time.
that was gross ... no arousal here
Anyone who is aroused by that should be featured on Dateline's "To Catch a Predator".

*Looks in stockheads direction*
agreed, stockhead that was gross, you're a weird dude, have yourself examined by a doctor.
MVIS getting it up the ass today.
stockhead- that's a lunch loser.
i have a small mvis position and even i am beginning to get frustrated with it.

MVIS is a queer stock.

I'll just sit here, on my porch, and wait for something fun to happen.

Fly, you holding SNDK through earnings?
I sold some SNDK, but will be holding a position through earnings.
fly survey - bearish.
re: arousal

you fuckers have no sense of humor

...that WAS fucking gross...I'll have you know that I upchucked a whole bowl of cinnamon raisen oatmeal this morning all over the monitor when I saw that...

..trying to erase the images and dealing with the scars, so no more talk about Becky and Boone.
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