Thursday, July 05, 2007


Short Sellers=Toonces

You be more self-serving if you'd encourage short selling like evil Fly would.

btw .. I gave you all BONT 5 or 6 pts ago .. going lower still
TOONCES! bwa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I remember that cat. Damn that was funny.
Maria Barteromo looks like she could star as "The Bride of Freddy Krueger" today.
Gold stocks surging into the close.
Gold is going to $5000 and neither Bush, Bernanke ,Paulson or Fly for that matter can stop it.
"Gold is going to $5000 and neither Bush, Bernanke ,Paulson or Fly for that matter can stop it."

Possibly the most retarded thing I've ever read. I hope you don't manage real money.
ok bruce - what is your insight on BONT?
Now we know what happened to Danny last weekend..Did you notice? That was him in the back seat of Toonces car..grinnin' ear to ear right before they drove off the cliff..he shoulda known better than to hang around a cat like that..

Someone should call his mother...poor smuck..
JB: My insight is my friends insight who has been in the retail industry his whole life. I asked him who he's short in retail & w/o hesitation he said BONT. He said management is clueless.

That said the short position is high, its been in a downtrend for 4 months, vol was high yesterday, indicating perhaps a selling climax. It was up .85 ah on small volume, maybe shorts were taking profits. Its met my 1st target of 38. Its near the bottom of its downtrend channel & oversold, so it could bounce, however price action is horrid. I'll get in touch w/ my friend to get an update on the story.
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