Sunday, July 15, 2007


So we continue.

I know you monkey heads are asking too much if you expect me to give you Monday's next buyout. You are a very hard crowd to please. Also, If the Dow goes from 13,907 to zero in the next few weeks, I don't want you to track me down, jump my fence, and piss in my pool. So I'll try my best to start looking at a few stocks in the midstream business which will do very well as long as America and the rest of the planet keep using oil and gas. If you plan to outlive oil and gas like Bob Barker, you will eventually have to start looking for a different sector.

We need to take a look back at a few pieces of news to see what I'm talking about here.

In April, GEL threw down a little cash to purchase some assets from a very rich redneck. From what I understand his yacht is similar to Paul Allen's. I don't know, you decide.

In June, GE acquired a stake in RGNC. Notice the price action of RGNC and GE on the date of the announcement.

Also in June, there was a flurry of news regarding some acquisitions with the Atlas Companies. AHD, ATN, APL, and ATLS.

Just a few days ago, EROC had an acquisition, so did RVEP.

This will continue.

As I mentioned before, the midstreams look poised for more and more consolidation. Also, note the price appreciation on the acquiring company, and the company being acquired. Take a minute to look through some stocks that I feel are safe bets but may have slower price appreciation. ETP, HLND, EPD, MMP, MWE, OKS, PAA, WPZ, ETE, SXL, NRGP, EEQ, KMR, and WMB. My favorites being EPD, MWE, and PAA.

Now here are a few that I believe have the best potential to put good money into your pocket. BWP, CPNO, GEL, BGH, HPGP, MGG and AHD. My favorites being BWP and GEL.
BWP has a ways to go.

RVEP is new one on me, the price action looks scary but intriguing. I don't know much about them.

Also, I have always liked EPD. It may not be best of breed on price appreciation compared to these other stocks. I just recommended it, and still do because the information I have on it is very bullish. Also, just a little side note, WMB is a great comeback story that I have yet to hear an idiot on CNBC blabber about. Maybe it’s because they are on mute, I'm not sure. WMB stuck with, and focused on their core business and got back into the game. They have been around for 100 years and have a great infrastructure.

Hope you guys can jump into some of these plays and start "banking coin" like The Fly. Do not overlook the dividends on these stocks either. They are an added bonus from me, to you. Merry Christmas.

Enjoy your late night melodies.

Bonus clip.

Thanks for letting me fuck with your fucking site, fucker.

UPDATE II: I found a video of The Fly bossing his employees around at the office.

I bought WMB back in the $2 level when they got rid of WMCG and took a shit. I forgot I owned the stock and got a statement saying I did a little over a year ago. It was in an account I thought I had closed out and now it was at 25. Just goes to show you that fucktardedness can be rewarding sometimes. Ofcourse I sold it afterwards. I used to trade in it before they took the big shit.

I can honestly say, I've been schooled on some of these midstreamer picks.

Many of these stock I have never seen before.

This is great. I will now study them in detail.

Agreed this is the best set of picks that I have seen yet from a weekend blogger. Great job Crude. I will vote you back.
Found a pic of crudebroker at comp.

What's your opinion on (DEEP)?
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