Saturday, July 14, 2007



You have to be kidding. I am not a fan. What a fruity place. I get back from a birthday party with the wife and I feel like I have been grazing on tic-tacs and drinking what? Hot sake? Weird. The whole time I was eating those bite sized flounder all I could wish for was a nice big meal served up Ravenous style. I was born and raised in Texas, we enjoy shit like that.

Anyway, I see you guys are getting anxious for a few stock picks here and there. Especially Danny. Those skater dudes are always pushing the envelope. Living on the edge. You have to respect that. However, I am a loyal employee and I was hired to blog this weekend. If I wanted to list a bunch of stocks right out of the shoot, I would have applied somewhere else. Maybe I don't even have any picks, who knows?

Mrkcbill, you don't have to click on the embedded links, they are there to help guide the slower breed. Like pictures in a book.

I will attempt to dish out the goods tomorrow.

Enjoy your late night melodies. Killer solo.

Bonus clip.

If it's posted on "Fly on WallStreet" I DOUBLE click it. You just never know where the next LNN,or HLT is hiding.

Also just a random thought on this glorious Sunday: Anybody who use the term "10-bagger" is a douche.
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