Friday, August 31, 2007


Exploiting Market Inefficiencies and Information Asymmetry

Reg FD leveled the playing field for the little guy by requiring companies to provide individual investors with the same information made available to professionals.

Nonetheless, there are tons of inefficiencies in the market. Finding and leveraging inefficiencies is the key to success. Look for "information asymmetry" that can be exploited to your advantage. Heck, it can even come from a friend deep inside the belly of a company: "Geez, we sure are having trouble ramping all of these new clients."

In order to exploit these opportunities, I have tried to develop and refine a methodology to scan, screen, and rank potential opportunities. This was born of hard work and fortunate educational opportunities (graduate business school at Vandy, post grad at HBS). I may share my methodology, but I will certainly share some picks resulting from my work.

Are you ready to do some work?

Here are my friends Steve and Dan with Jars of Clay, another fine Nashville-based act, doing some of their best "Work" ever.

"I will not share my methodology, but I will share some picks resulting from my work."

No, I think that we need to know the reasoning behind your conclusions (with as much detail as possible).

Besides, what possible reason could you have for not sharing your methodology? I have no doubt that your analysis would be defensible-- you certainly seem smart enough. On the other hand, there's not enough reason to think that it's so profitable as to be deserving of secrecy. What gives?

Mostly I am cranky for the dicktard hillbilly comments. I will probably post it later.
I'll have you know, "The Fly" is a Titan fan.
I'll have you know that I am a Bronco fan. Ha!
I'm a Giant fan....

And I still have my season tickets, even though I live far far away from the SmellyLands.

What they heck do you think this nick was for anyway?


That said, go you Cardinal Birds.
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