Friday, August 31, 2007


Fly Buy: DCI

I bought 1,000 DCI @ $37.97.

Disclaimer: If you buy DCI because of this post, Bernanke will shave his beard. And, you may lose money.

The Dow has hit R2 after a doji and NR7 and has penetrated thanks to cialis - It is now ready to go up from here - it is squatting to rise like muffins in the pan - will it get cooked in the squat or will it rise to it yummy state. 13385 and going 13393 I would like to see it at 13,500 at 2:30

Wake up Jake - you lewd dude profiler
On the other "hand" RIMM took Viagra and it's 4 hours will run out in an hour.
I'm not a day trader.

Therefore, I could give two gay goats about RIMM's intra-day move.

You do realize, your banter is somewhat redundant?
RIMM is back in the channel basing again - on the lowest 15min volume of the day - that means ...What - either the traders are holding back for a big push or the cialis has kicked in and they can go visit their girlfriends before they go home to the family - take a shower and maybe get the wife too!
You see the dow is up over 13,400 on its way to 13,500 by 2:30 -
rimm has not moved with the Dow
That's a TELL it may be getting cooked in the squat.

you all will be happy to hear that I'm off for awhile and maybe forever if Fly sends me the message.
redundant? Every 15min bar is another story

Adios Senior!
On the road keep your word! You stated once you were leaving for good. All we can hope for is a freak ice storm in that desert you live in so you can walk outside fall break your old glass hip you old prickā€¦..
On the Road, shut the fuck up. I bet your wife, no matter how retarded she is thinks you are really fucking annoying. You can't shut your fucking mouth.
On the Road and Over the Hill,
you come across as a know-it-all, not to mention an old guy with ADD.
What were we talking about? I was busy chasing a shiny red ball fucker.
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