Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Fly Buy: iiG

I bought 2,000 shares of iiG @ $18.95.

Disclaimer: If you buy iiG because of this post, Hansen will stop making Monster. And, you may lose money.

nice action in MVIS today
what do we do with CORS?
sell it and never look at it again
simple, sell it and move on with your life.
replace CORS with SWC ... then ask strangers on the internets wtf you should do with that one next year
I lost my monkeys, has anyone in here seen them ?
Yeah Spoonie .. they've gone over to Tim's rope a dope

to throw banana peels at the head chartist there.
bruce you are obviously a tootsie roll dick
I know you know your dicks ... well, at least thats what I've heard
ok enuf fun'n games Jeff .. just sell that POS and take it off your screen ..... maybe Fly will give you an update next month .. if he feels like it
Looks like the Undertaker Mr. Belvedere worked.

Nothin' but crickets over at the Beartards'.
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