Thursday, August 30, 2007


"Hit Me"

I think that was Doug Kass getting the pit phone between the shoulder blades.
Hard Core..reminds me of Atlantic City.

I love seeing Phil Letardo in the backgrnd. I wonder if these Hollywood casting guys have Mafia guy rolodex.
That is not Phil, that is The Fly's contractor.
My son just called me and told me the CEO and CFO of FCX gave a talk to his financial management class this morning. He did mention NEM as one of their competitors but no inside information revealed. He did talk about the heavy demand for copper from China and SE Asia in general.
Caddy, with the sly boast about his kid being in bidness school.

Niiiiice. Good luck to him.

Maybe when he gets out he can send his resume to Kerouac's son.
Jake-My son used to trade the Q's and SPY from his computer class in high school when he was supposed to be working on the class assignment. He would E-mail me in the morning with his instructions.
But, he wants to be a golfer and is attending college on a golf scholarship.
At ASU or UAz? Good golf programs!
I think Kerouac's kid is something of a computer geek, too.

Good to have one of those in the family.
BTW -- there's one strong reason for the bulls coming out to play after getting shat on most of August...

College Football season starts tonight, baybeee!
No, although he was recruited to play at U.of New Mexico but didn't like what he heard about the head coach. He has played a couple of tournaments the last couple of years at Greyhawk in Scottsdale.
Tough bidness, but how awesome if he made it. You could wave to us from the tube!
It is tough. We have a friend on the PGA tour. It took him ten years to make it through Q School and stayed on the tour for three years until last year when he lost his card although he made over $1MM. He is now in the top ten on the Nationwide tour and thus should be back on the PGA tour next year.
"Charlie M? You make me pop your fucking eye out of your head to protect that piece of shit?? Charlie M?? Frankie, do him a fucking favor."

Any comment on NY-based EDO?

Good looking stock.
Fly the calculator brain, aka my #1 contrary bitch indicator loves cheap and weak stocks. Basically he is a bagholder. Once the market bails him out he starts bragging about his IQ. lol
Will Flyonwallstreet hit 1,000,000 visitors today?

Congrats on the success of this masterpiece/blog.
Out of full short position RIMM at 83.75 - will re-enter at 84.21 - 48
my full averaged position gain .90
PS> This market is basing on low volume at above open prices - wdtm
what does that mean - if the big guns come in it will begin to climb to daily or near daily high or.......
You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.
You never count your money when youre sittin at the table.
Therell be time enough for countin when the dealins done.

Now evry gambler knows that the secret to survivin
Is knowin what to throw away and knowing what to keep.
cause evry hands a winner and evry hands a loser,
And the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep.
between 2:30 and 3:15 the market is going to fall fast or climb to the moon - Where's the tell? No one knows - NO ONE!
OTR is Kenny Rogers!
....(not the baseball pitcher---the other old guy)
See the market - it's just past 2:30
is this a headfake just to shake out the weak or is it the first step down?
funny all the charts are hitting the 34EMA and have slightly rebounded -
post a 34EMA on your daily charts
it will be the TELL!
OTR-You made good chicken but I can't find your Kenny Roger's chicken anymore.
OTR--I guess we're going down, oh ageless wonder.
EMA 34 15 min daily chart - what was resistance coming down is resistance going up - RIMM,AAPL, QQQQ all went thru the EMA34 now have turned back under it - they have to go thru for the change - they are all struggling to do it on the highest volume in the past 2 hours. I'm on the sidelines waiting for the last 5 minutes to set up for bernake to shut the door on the market tomorrow.
Somehow I managed to dump my calls and grab a few puts at just the right time. I wish I could take a picture, cause it's not happening again folks.
they have just gone back thru the 34
if they close above the 34 at 3:15
It will be very interesting. The 34 may have turned out to be the TELL
Thanks to TraderX and Victoria - both retired bloggers.
Ironic that there is a 'Gulf Hurricane Relief' advertising banner on the top of this page.
OTR, is that you on the cuttin horse?
yup! certainly doesn't look like anyone else - Now that jake has checked out my pictures and see that I have a normal family I can't pick on him or offer my other horse to him. Thanks for asking - The horse is Pick N' Roll with OTR up.
Just curious, as my wife and I have reiners out of Shining Spark.
btw, nice horse!
It's 12:15 and even the Dow - that lazy piece of shit - has passed upward thru its 34 -

Now I know what you are saying OTR was lucky the 34 was hanging around and he decided to call it his own!

and...those fucking chartists are bullshit lazy fuckers who don't deserve to live. Yup!

Remember the 34 called the change and if they hit it again and go thru - well the market will be going down from there.

That's EMA34 on the 15min daily chart. It's not my 34 it's from TraderX (retired)
This comment has been removed by the author.
OK - (as you know I'm posting live)It's 3:35 - this race is a mile and a quarter - and we have reached the final turn into the stretch now you just have to know which horse has the "bottom" to win and which ones will fall back by more than several lengths.

34 is not 69 and 69 is not a market
condition - it's an evening wantobe

Obviously drugs are plentiful in retirement.
Geez, Keruoac, you're a Finger Lakes CPA, not a pot smoking hippy.

What a downer.
Its a part of the new Medicare drug perscription plan. I can't wait until I am 65.
OTR-- I have no idea what your talking about-- can you point me to website that clue me in.
Besides this one!

what is a finger lakes CPA?
Mr. Bill TraderX is retired but he left his website and tools for research

Yes, Jake you found me out - I retired when I was 54 and went on the road with my horses - quite the life. Good weather, good horses - great bicycle - and maybe I'll find me a fat woman to love
and stop.

I am single and "even a blind chicken gets a speck of corn every now and then."
OTR, lay off the crank man. You're scaring the jebus out of me.
It's an upstate accountant, rubbernutz.
You are a sorry fuck. Stop will all the fucktarded talk.
Yeah, that or maybe you could do some hot walker's taxes or something.

"A life w./out design" 'cept for the 40,000 page U.S. Tax Code and semi-annual continuing ed classes.

Crazy, green eye shade fecker.
Actually Jake - I taught the continuing ed classes at Cornell for 15 years. Thanks for asking.

The Tax Code made sense to me.

It wasn't fair, but it made sense.
A life without design--

(Except for green eye shade fecker pedantry at Cornell for 15 years, give or take a pencil necked geek swan diving into the Gorge twice or thrice a decade.)
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