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It All Started With A Dream

This blog has been a tremendous encouragement to me. The Fly, with all his bravdo and diamond-encrusted codpiece stuff, fires me up. The way he stares shorts in the eyes while delivering a swift kick to their old, wrinkly heads... it's like therapy. Really. I genuinely appreciate this community.

Pass the tissues.

May I be an encouragement to you?

In an earlier post I mentioned my schooling. I think I did that in an attempt to silence all of the hillbilly jokes, to bring credibility to my posts. Truth is, I am no ivory towers milquetoast spoon fed kid from Westchester. I have learned more from a hard life than I ever learned in school. Shit has been hard, but I have learned from the blows. I won't bore you with my grewuppoorburiedmybrotherandfatherfailedoutofcollegestartedoutsellingcopiersthen
tryingtosupportmywifebackdooredmywayintobusinessschool life. But I will share this:

Somewhere along the line I learned to believe in myself. It was bulding over time, but there was one miraculous moment where things changed for me. Many years ago I had a reoccurring dream. Went like this:

In my dream I saw myself at the computer, as if I was looking at myself over my shoulder. I watched myself invest my entire life savings in YHOO. Bought it at $9.37. A split second later, I was selling YHOO at $50. A starter gun sounded...BANG. I woke up soaking wet, heart beating 180, sitting straight up in my bed, terrified in a brush-with-death sort of way. Strange reaction to a dream about stocks, huh?

I woke my wife up. She said "that's nice dear." Back to sleep we went.

Next night same dream. Exactly the same dream and same reaction. Told my wife about it. She was very serious and contemplative this time. I chalked it up to pizza.

My wife called me at my office the next day. "Did you buy that stock you dreamed about?" "No," I replied. "What are you waiting for?" she said. We argued. "Are you sure? This is crazy. What if we lose it all?" Her words to me: "I TRUST YOU." Biggest words she ever spoke to me.

I put in a market order, somewhat haphazardly. It was my first-ever self-directed trade. BOT $9.37. I didn't realize until I got home that it was the exact price as in the dream. I was freaked. All of my close friends thought I was nuts. A few days later, maybe the next day, it popped to $14. Then up and away. Almost 18 months later, I sold at $50. Exactly as the dream occurred.

Did I intuit something? Did I have a gift? Was I...nugging futz? I have my opinions. I'm sure you have yours.

In the end the thing I remember most was my wife trusting me. She believed in me. Her faith in me was jet fuel. That's what gave me the hustle and drive. That's what gave me the balls to take risks. I am now 38, have all the resources I need, and no longer work for the man. I am off-the-grid as they say.

So, this holiday weekend you might not have a crazy dream to buy YHOO (frankly, it is a lousy stock now). But I hope you find a little extra something to believe in yourself.

Hear me loud an clear: do not buy stocks based on a dream. It is pure insanity. I would not do it now, and am staggered I did it then.

John Hiatt has a farm not far from my house. Never met him, but he kicks ass.

PS - this is a true story.

Nice post.
Yeah, nice post.
Finally, some good weekend blogging.
you're making yourself awfully hard to roast. Don't burn yourself out, you'll probbably be back next weekend.
I love your story and all, but you have numerous grammatical errors in this post.

I expect better.

Off to drink some Bourbon shots, no chaser.
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Just woke up and read your story. Very inspiring. While I was sleeping, I had a dream that I should do something with my life. Fucking clueless subconscious.
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Nice story dude.. Fuck yeah..This Jack and Coke is on me.

CSU over CU by 3.

I liked your story about the supernatural dream--'cause that's what it was---no other way to explain it.
congrats, nice post. (wipes tears of cheek)
the suck my nasdaq guy interviewing possible female stress relief girl, this is the funniest shit ever-
Boomer, you kick ass. Very credible posts (you've mentioned the YHOO before), and might have to follow you on a small BOOM position. Give a thought to mention the bear side as commented earlier.

Two thumbs up, way the fuck up.
Nice post Boomer.
I enjoyed that boomer.

Also, nice to see someone putting up some real music around here.

My wife and I make trips to N'ville to play in songwriter rounds.

How bout some Welch and Rawlings?
Man! You need to see a metal doctor soon before it is too late.

Super natural things do not happen. But the thing you described do happen. I think you probably did purchase YHOO at $9.37 and sold at $50.00 at the exact price. But you never had a dream to start with. Some how some mental disorder created some memory in the void of your brain and makes you believe that you had a dream of exact what actually happened later. This kind of thing happen to a lot of people, and even happen to groups of people. There was no prior dream. It was all thought of by the brain after the facts. This hints at some mental disorder that needs to be taken care off before it gets worse.

Next time if you have such a weird dream, make sure you write it down on a piece of paper or make other physical record, then later if it really happened according to your record, you know it is really super natural thing. Otherwise it was just something thought of by the brain after the facts.

SWC is rallying very strongly off the bottom, while your MVIS still stuck in the mud.
Not that I need to defend anything, but I did write it down. And I told about 10 people before and during the process, including my wife. It's a strange one, I'll give you that. But it really happened.
OK, if you did write it down, then show us a photo and then we believe it is super natural. But I have never seen anything like that.
jj who are you calling the kettle black? Someone putting all their eggs in one loser basket clearly has a mental disorder & should be barred from investing & blogging. Your palladium super cycle fantasies will eventually go to its grave along with with your dreams of SWC ever getting to your $200 target. You'll be lucky to ever see a double in that POS much less the 20 bagger you dream up while smoking crack.
First of all, I never said "supernatural." I have my own opinions, but you make up your own mind.

Second, you are right, it was nuts to do.

However, I hold money and possessions very loosely. It means very little to who I am. I came into the world naked and will leave naked. I came from I am not afraid to risk a lot.

In fact, my next post is going to be about this topic. Thanks for the spark...
Boom, I had the same dream about Sirrom a couple of years back...

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