Friday, August 31, 2007


Late Day Thought

Doug Kass is an asshat.

Thanks for your patience -

I love all the criticism - I once asked the Fly if he wanted me to post here and he said yes. No, he said it was OK

But he is one and the remainder of you have had your vote.

I'm off

for good...Maybe
we can only hope, this time, you might actually keep your word....what a fuckstick
We heard that before you must have the alzheimer's disease or something......Maybe even AIDs.....
gone for good, again? lets see if 7 is our lucky # .... on 2nd thought, see ya soon ... i figure by the close
Tough audience.
OTR, Let's hope so, for your sake, hillbilly.

Cheese fry,
The NYMEX is run by the mob. There are tons and tons of front runnings, back to backing and cuffing the markets by the locals. I have seen it first hand. Some seats will hire people just to watch a big traders phone line, they know its BP's line, Cargill's or Conagra's line. When they know size is about to go through they start front running the big orders before they are even executed causing extreme price fluctuations. You will die young trading nat gas, there is no ryme or reason to it unless you are on the floor or have a really good broker on the floor giving you the scoop. UNG is only good for a LONG TERM hedge against other investments.
Hard to believe this Beartard has remained employed by Real Money
for the last four years.

While the markets to continue to climb higher, his proclamations of doom and gloom are about as audible as OTR's posts.
Look at opbl they are tied in with those NYMEX crooks
On the other hand, there are some real nice long term investments available in the nat gas department. Particularly those that have that nice "regulated" cash flow for the steady divs while carrying some "pop" in the form of their non-reg bidnessess, like liquified natural gas ports and shit like that.

NWN is one of my favorites in that regard, although it's been unbelievably (and uncharacteristically) volatile recently.
I think I am gonna short CROX before the close for kix

I'll use a $1 stop .. its channeling in the rip at its 34 min ema .. it just crossed its inverse stochastal macd with a tea cup rsi 11.4 between the lunar eclipse of jupiter & mars

that and enough of those fucking plastic shoes already
Bruce - you shouldn't be trading. Get a real job.
Jake, I was never dogging natty investments. Just the outright contract itself, UNG. I am long many natty weighted stocks.
buford .. try & find a clue ... that and a sense of humor before that rock solid ho that you are gonna marry someday finds someone with both

Don't look now but is that OTR with your rock solid someday spouse ?
My final on RIMM - It went up on the shake out to 85.42 where I triple shorted it - you can watch the rest of the day and the aftermarket.

Of course if you want me back find my e-mail and tell me - otherwise, goodluck - this use to be a great board and after I leave it will return to a great board.

OTR - your latest "for good" lasted 33 minutes

how many times you been married till death do you part?

Just curious.
OTR, You couldn't fucking resist, could you? You are a fucking jack-o.
Bruce- Bruce- Bruce- for weekend blogger!

OTR-- the more everyone tells you to fuck off the more daytrading commentary you give us-- I say post away.
bruce for weekend blogger

OTR for blog punching bag
thx for the sentiment guys but I have nothing to say outside of a few peanut gallery comments

I think Stockhead makes a good point on why OTR should be forced to stick around
Crude --

Understood your take on UNG completely. Not trying to conflate the two.
"Doug Kass is an asshat."

Wouldn't that be a Kasshat?
Kerouac's moved over to Mr. Belvedere's blog to attempt to bore/torture me over there.

I think he feels more comfy in the company of the (mostly, but not all) brain damaged loons and bitter geezers who congregate over there, shaking their canes at the sky and nattering about "the state of the world today."

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