Wednesday, September 19, 2007


4 Strings - Turn it around

Makes me want to go have a sandwich.
Holy schit are you kidding me?

Hey listen, I remember when I was a kid and my Dad had all the old Bond movies on video, too.

But I'm pretty sure that even he drw the line at the one with the beginning credits sung by Abba.
FYI, this is why I stop after 5 beers:
I was (trying to) check out that CGXEF... whatever, and couldn't find much.

Here's a little crackwhore with some more info available on her... she was up 23% today after huffing glue from a bag: DSTI.
Asshat Rejected!

Apparently, laboratory technicians were able to grow Bloomberg a brain in a scant two to three hours...
That sly fox knew he'd be refused. Refusal plays more into his renegade, rally the Arab street ploy. Fucker is a dangerous jeuvenile with a death wish.
untz untz untz untz
untz untz untz untz
Nice visual, but I had to turn off the sound half way through.
CGXEF - nothing to do with gas in Trinidad, as far as I can tell.

The story is that they have offshore drilling rights from Guyana. The problem is that Surinam lays claim to the same area, and has enforced it with gunboats.

According to CGX, a UN tribunal will release a ruling on the dispute tomorrow:
September 19, 2007
UN Decision on Guyana / Suriname Toronto , Ontario - CGX Energy Inc. (OYL.U - TSX-V) announces that the Guyana Information News Agency has announced that the boundary between Guyana and Suriname will be made public on Thursday, September 20th at 4 pm ET.

I'd expect one side or both to appeal the dispute for the next decade, but that's a guess made with no knowledge of how the process works.
I had a dream about BRLC AND NUAN.

Park in South Korea

Maybe we over did it over there.

Like I said it was a tip.

Guyana, Trinidad, what's the difference?
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OJ is innocent.

The "Fly" is guilty of losing our money in shit stocks like IIG.
Fuck you, I'm up on iiG.

OJ is a tool.
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