Thursday, September 20, 2007


AXR Sales Meeting

"I don't have to listen to this shit."
--Hyundai owner

Long "mitch and murray"
fucking classic.."you hear me you fucking faggots??"
nice edit....good shit
Best. Movie. Scene. Ever.

Bar none.

Fuck Godfather/Apocalypse Now/Gladiator/Scarface/On the Waterfront... whatever.

That is the best.


And I'm from Lawn Guyland and I hate farking liberal fatneck Alec Baldwin, but the man should have gotten one of those naked golden trophies for that scene, and I will always respect him as an actor thanks to that scene.

And the whole damn movie should have won the Oscar. And Jack Lemmon should have gotten Best Actor.

Neither were even nominated. And "Unforgiven" is one of my favorite movies (it won that year). Shit, "Howard's End" was a good movie too.

But "The Crying Game" was nominated, and GGGR was left off?

The Farking Crying Game??

Are you farking peeing on me?
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