Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Bears Getting Bombed and machine gunned

The NTRI Oct 60's are looking very tempting...
i agree.
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"Tempting" in the sense of 3:00 AM, 11 tall boys to the wind, beer- goggling the last fat chick is "tempting?"
That strike traded 502 contracts since my first post.
The correct NTRI play is MCD. Let's fatten China and India up. Roll out the McRib Sammich worldwide. Or the McTofu as it were.

Market up 320

Ugly, 3 am fat chick, down fiteen cent.
Now that the dollar is toast, time to load up on EEM and EWH.
Check out the EWZ that thing has to be crooked. Somebody is going to get skinned.
This comment has been removed by the author.
prime rib shortage looming
MVIS holders are still shopping from the discount meat bin. Good deal on Garlic Balogna, .99 a pack.
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