Wednesday, September 05, 2007



NOTE: The "Golden Bear" was removed from this site, due to obvious *patent* infringement.

Anybody buying AAPL on this dip?
Read me now or believe me later, SPY hits a new all time high before 2007 closes.

At least that's what the squiggly lines, prepared by my senior market technician, tell me.

I also have reason to believe that he suffers from a unusual dandruff problem. While briefing me on the technical condition of the market, he mentioned the phrase "inverted head and shoulders".
Maybe you should get a pic of Doug Kass to put on your dart board so you can pepper him during selloffs like today.

His bearish prognostications are worse than Jim Permabull(shit) Cramer. Not sure how that clown (Kass) still has investors.

Nice HANS turn green into the close and good luck on IIG tonight.
Angelo Mozilo has a son, and, a grandson! This never gets old. I am serious.
BRCM and MRVL are in both the iphone and the new wifi ipod. Google phone coming in a couple weeks. All MRVL and BRCM.

Is online, nice job Krull!
aapl is still a total buy
iig just ticked 15..95
someone bidding 19.15 on IIG
now back to 19.10

est was .34, they did .51 non-GAAP, unsure if estimate was GAAP
I see it at 19.10
squeeze imminent
I agree with you on AAPL, Danny. Waaay too many smart ass skeptics trying to find the top.
from what I can tell New equity wins this round, bless his soul.
NTRI, MCHX, IIG, ARWR. You could write a book.

now showing 17.06
OH SNIZAP, fuck you neweq, bid at 19
Don't be fooled iig is going higher
iig ready to fly. keeps printing 19.
44.3 m vs consensus 44.1, see 08 revenue up 15-20
best company name ever: ticker is HOFT.
I might need to go see HOFT after the day I had.
there is a place by sdsu that is full body massage by a timid chinese woman. FULL massage. I think the furniture is by HOFT
I got nuked too. Fuck.

Moz' sighting!
I would be timid too if I saw a bunch of crazed college guys coming in for a massage. Does she take student loan checks?
So far IIG=zzzzzzzzzzzz
Why you fluck wif obsclure interent clompany when I give you BIDrU two day ago at $108?

You wan share of biryons and biryons? You bluy Bidru! Preeeeze!
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