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UPDATE: It has worked.

The appearance of this rare photo will cause LAZ to "buckle under" and "taste the blood of chickens," so my Voodoo Physician says.

sorry to spam, I thought this was noteworthy.
I am just saying that the people that have chosen to predict weather for a living that work in the energy industry I talk to say that they expect a mild winter. But then again, a weatherman has the best job, he can always be wrong and still be employed.
Also watching crude go down slowly, however, the hedgies will panic one day and it will be like Moe, Larry, and Curly trying to get out of the door at the same time. The hedge funds IMO are so leveraged up to crude on the long side the subprime fleeing by these fools will look like a picnic.

$200 Dollar a Barrel Oil Is Bilderberg Plan To Destroy Middle Class
This just in, via "The Fly's weatherman:

"NYC will face the worst winter ever, similar to the ice age of 300,000 b.c.

"As a result, people will either use lots of energy to heat their homes or die."

$200 oil will not destroy the middle class.

Subprime loans will.


No robster for you. It's too expensive.
I've added more SRS. It is now back down at the level it was before the late July financial panic started.

If you buy 24 hrs after I do, you might get it at a $10 discount.
fly man srs time?
I'll stick with the monkfish. Friday - mystery trader dies.
The golden bull talks to me.

It is telling me to sell BIDU short on margin.

Either the golden bull is a genius, or it works on commission.
Every armchair fuck is now a Dougie Kass/ Fleckenshit disciple. Every fuckwit in his pleather chair and nylon sofa is setting up on the short side, expecting an October surprise. Sound like a big wall of worry we're climbing.
Al Whore got it wrong-Global cooling is the real problem and everybody needs to increase their carbon footprint IMMEDIATELY in order to save the planet.
Can the bull be a genius and work on commission?

Geniuses either don't work, or they get 2 and 20. Per the tax laws, those are capital gains, not wages.
Yeah, that's smart, listen to CNBC.

They've usually got the direction right.
This particular f**k doesn't need an armchair.

I can scroll through the San Diego real estate listings showing house after house after house $100k, $200k, $300k underwater. The loans were zero down, zero down, zero down.
How disturbing is it that 2 million fat fuckers want to try an obesity drug whose side effects include uncontrollably shitting yourself?
why don't you write out the word FUCK, ottknot?
Wasn't that the problem with that olestra crap that P&G was pushing a couple of years back?


Fly, last I'll say of it. Think about covering LAZ-arus now ($44.30 ish) while he's taking a break from rolling the gigantic aspirin shaped door-rock away from the mouth of his tomb.
IIG....Kicking old men down the CN Tower!
Why should I write out *uc*? I like Asterix.

Obelix, on the other hand, wears funny clothes and probably smells worse than the average Frenchman.
Off topic

I just stumbled across this and thought it was kinda interesting.

Pocket-lint reports Apple will release a 3G iPhone in 2008 citing Apple CEO jobs when he said, "You can expect a 3G iPhone later next year." Then when all was said and done, something interesting happened. Engadget had a chance to get "hands on" session with the UK iPhone and took many pictures in the process.

One picture of a settings menu stood out in particular as it listed TV-out options, mainly the option to turn widescreen "on" or "off" and the ability to choose a TV signal, "NTSC" or "PAL". A TUAW reader pointed out Apple's slip with the iPhone, which is running an unreleased firmware version. It should be very likely that we see TV-out coming to current iPhone models and maybe even iPod Touch models soon.


Now what better way to watch Tv on an Iphone or Ipod then to use Mvis technology and project it so you can actually see what you are watching
We're a little overbought here.

Support lies beneath the market at S&P 1500. Former resistance at 1488-1492 should act as support if we retest that low.

I've been beating the drum on this for a couple weeks now, but the measured move target from the inverted head and shoulders is S%P 1570.

Long and strong.
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