Saturday, September 22, 2007


Best Widget Ever Invented: UPDATE

UPDATE: Never mind. Upon further review, that widget sucked cow bell. I destroyed it.

NOTE: Mets just won. The stock Gods are pleased.

Yankees lost, Red Sox won. Indeed.
Fuck the Red Sox.


Word to ya moms,

I like to drop bombs

I got more rhymes

than the Bible

got... psalms.


I'll serve ya up like John Mac-en-roe.

If ya girl steps up, I'll smack the hoe.

(Me explainin' how it's gonna be to ham hands Papi)
wow, number 13. not bad considering I didn't think anyone visited.
Internet Dickwad Theory
Strangely, I agree. That is one good widget.
Where is the money skater and mad stocks. I do not support that gidget.

Ah what a great time of year- MLB,NCAAF,NFL, all on one card. OTB style.

Used Cars --Business 101-- classic movie, required viewing for anyone under 35 yrs.
I found cajun.
sure - you hated it when I was in the tp 5, now you love it. whore :)
You're right Howard. It sucks.
Fly took his toys and went home. lol
Time for the Gators to tase the Rebs Bro if they expect to win.
I agree. At first sight the widget looks petty cool, but upon further review it is actually gay.
"Don't tase me, bro!"

-- Coach Kragthorpe to the U of L nation camping out at his front door, nooses in hand, after loss to Syrapuke.
Nooses? That can't be good. Here comes Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Quick, get the television cameras rolling.
"Don't tase me, bro!"

Fly, you have powers beyond your belief, you have converted me to a Mets fan.
Punch USC's ticket to Naw-lens! Everyone else can play for second place!!
LSU looks strong. Careful.
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