Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Biggest Losers of 2007= NY Mets

I'm sure some of you are baseball fans. Let me just say, the Mets are the biggest losers, in the history of the universe.

Willie Randolph is a complete tool, who manages the game like it's a fucking movie--instead of a playoff hungry baseball team. I'll have you know, "The Fly" was an excellent pitcher in his day, until his fucking HS manager blew out his arm, via over use.

It's official. You heard it here first. The Mets will not make the playoffs, mainly because they are fucking losers.

Mets=MCHX, IIG, LLNW, ARWR, MVIS (?), SRS, LAZ (short), WGAT, etc., etc.....
If you said that shit to my face, I'd punch your nose crooked.

True story.

Don't mix stocks with baseball.

It's illegal here.
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I saw that, fucker.

But very true.

Do not fear "The Fly." He will not kill you, via the internets.
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Are you on a computer 24/7?

It seems like you may have a patented device that tells you when a comment is posted.
No. Comments are automatically sent to my email box. So, even if you delete it. I see it.

I just happen to be emailing a few fuckers now and keep seeing messages.

Go to bed, Jeremy.
What are we buying tomorrow?
That's a shame about your Mets, I was all set to do a little razzin in the Cardinals/Tony LaRussa rebirth as they were 1 game out 2 weeks ago--Central Division blows. The NY post decided to write a hit piece on Rick "Wild thing" Ankiel, the dog shit the bed shortly there-after (1-23 since the story).

Next year...
Natural Gas

I agree 100%
Future headline: "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim beat Yankees in Playoffs again". ouch..
i miss franco--he was like the grandpa I never had
The Mets can go fuck a tree. They don't even deserve a goat.
It's a long season. Back in April there was talk about Charlie Manual being canned. Now he is going to be a strong candidate for Manager of the Year. Amazing! Bottom line: Mets have better pitching and will end up winning the division.
nice...1800 MVIS @ 5.25
could be market makers painting the preopen to get suckers excited .. lets see how it trades fm that print
I often thank the Lord for the lucky things. Like having healthy children who are not sullen or insolent.

And for having been born into a third generation Yankee fan family.

And don't think I don't consider my brethren of the Flushing Stadium without sympathy. That lack of a subtantive "base" - having been born as a bastardized result of divorce and abandonment (NY (baseball) Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers to be specific). I think to myself -- "What if my grandfather had been a Brooklyn Dodgers fan? Or worse, a NY (baseball) Giants fan? Pre-destination would force the royal blue and orange upon me, unbidden!"

It's a fickle and cruel world, and my sympathies (and thanks for handing the Sox their worst defeat ever in '86) go with you.
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