Monday, September 10, 2007


Black Sabbath: Iron Man

Outstanding, great "satanic" choice.
That choice is pushing the 47.5 age barrier.
Not if you have good taste in music.
More Music like this please..
Wow, young Ozzie.

Was this when he was singing with the Guy Lombardi Swing Band?


Crusty, mummified arthritic old fuckers.
Must say I "dug" that Paul Whatsisface, Dave Letterman's swing band doofus, made it into the archaic special effects montage.
More Cowbell!!!
I think that's OTR on the bass.
Uh, oh.

I've been notified that this site is "puerile" by Mr. Belvedere.

I guess I'll have to restrict myself to 50 posts or less a day now.

Actually, this combined with his asshattish bulldoggery with regard to his "sports" comments has demoted him in the TV Butler pantheon in my eyes.

He's now no longer the cheerful, wry, British "Mr. Belvedere."

From this day forward (and I expect someone to get me a graphic here), he is now, the winsome, wounded, ambivalently asexual, mincy, "Mr. French."
Still in AZZ. However, the trend is broken.
I thought technical analysis was gay?

The trend is intact depending on your time frame. Short term, the trend is down ... however the 2 or 3 year weekly trend is up & comes in around 22-23.
Technical analysis is not gay.

Being "in AZZ" is gay.


(Sorry, low hanging fruit, etc)


(no pun intended)
Jake you mention BRLC quite often, do you have a position?
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