Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Buffett buying BSC?

Funny stuff.

Buffett has done lost his mind.

Go market.

Kill the bears.

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I did a little apples to apples comparison of CMG and BWLD, margins, growth, and short interest. I see what you see, and I'm going to add right here.
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Fly, I knew you wanted to be a Southener. "Buffet has done lost his mind."

Let me know when you're ready for a good Snipe hunt.
Have you looked at WDC? It still looks cheap compared to STX and SNDK. On a side note, I picked up a WDC Mybook at the apple store the other night to back up itunes music and video and there were limited quantities on the shelf.
he hasn't quite done lost his mind yet .. wait for him to take a stake in those LAZy fuckers .. then you can declare him living the green & fertile valley of senility
Buffett's name is always mentioned as a potential buyer in situations like this.

If it's true, however, the bears are who we thought they were.

My chart-chomping technician just informed me that DXPE is forming a triangle and preparing for "a substantial move". Unfortunately, he cannot tell me whether this move will be up or down.
Let's see if Buffett gets a sweeter deal for BSC than BAC got for its CFC investment.
If true that is HUGE news ... will guarantee an up opening tomorrow morning. Maybe take a flier on some extra inventory home tonight to blow out in the morning.
XLF is the safe play.
Razor's right Buffett is followed like a vultures after roadkill and presumed to be making 18 different deals while taking a dump. Anyway, regarding Fly's earlier picks I just wanted to toss in my two cents:
ERTS: gift buying, Halo rising tide?---Has had it's run, won't be enough focus on their games (minus Madden) with Halo out there.
BWLD: Football season?---priced in (P/E 32.5 too high)
SBUX: Colder weather?---has potential and I actually do have some yet still remains stagnant managements been pissing on our legs and claiming it's raining for months now...BTW AMZN's .89 cent music is going to supercede that of AAPL even if AAPL teams with SBUX it'll be too antiquated by the time it starts getting marketed.

Good luck to you though I've had all three of these be4 at one point or another and have had good luck except w/ SBUX @ the moment.
charlie bearshitter gasparino is putting the kabash on buffett buying
John Galt Jr.

Go fuck yourself.

And, may your blog be canceled by Google.
Football season priced in, with a market cap of only 600 mill?


They're in expansion mode.

Goat fucker.
One of the most common mistakes on Wall Street is believing the P/E of some company is too high/too low.

BWLD's P/E may be 30-whatever, but that's only discounting what's already known by the market.

I've been to a couple BWLD's in my area. It's full of people spending a lot of money on low cost food. Now that football season is here, those people are spending even more time at BWLD, which directly correlates to how much they spend.

Not only do you have the football season as a catalyst, there are also baseball playoffs and eventually college bowl games, NFL playoffs, and the Super Bowl.

If that's not good enough for you, then basketball season kicks into gear culminating with March Madness.
I don't disagree that BWLD is a good company and it has a good probability of going up in value. However, I look for what's the best value vs. just what has good value. IMO, right now that stock on the restaurant side of the coin is PNRA. It's just barely off it's 52-week low.
Cheeze -- checkin' out that WDC chart. Them's some serious series o' black candles. Nice one.


Who is John Galt?

(sorry, just had to say it)


Fly --Buffet is going to goatee-fuck your LAZ-by-association.
John Galt Jr.

That is fun to say! Sounds like a power forward for the Milwaukee Bucks.
Hey nothing like making $137 million in less than a month. Fucking Joseph Lewis. WOW.
KC -- not a big Ayn Rand fan, I surmise?
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