Friday, September 07, 2007


Closing Comments

I'm leaving early today. I'll have you know, I'm going to a Met game and will vent my frustrations on the lowly Houston Astros.

Before I start this pointless rant, look at TARR--bang-zoom.

From this day on, on this blog, economic debates are illegal, in the comments section. Any violation of this rule will result in your fucking mustache being punched off. As you know, I track all of you fuckers and know where you live. Go ahead, violate my rules. Next thing you know, you're at dinner sipping on your favorite fruity white wine, then bam; some muscle bound, over tanned jerk off from Brooklyn punches your mustache off.

Regarding this market:

Let's take a moment to discuss the fucktardedness of Rick Santelli. Since when did that trader/fucker become an economist?

Since fucking when, I ask?

The market will not rebound today, despite fresh efforts from my new Voodoo "Physician." Many Nasdaq 100 stocks are deep in the red, like NVDA, DELL, NIHD, RIMM and ERTS.

Just to preserve some sanity, I have opted to throw some shorts on the barbie.

Right here, right now, I like LAZ, MDC and RSH short. And, I hate the homebuilders, via SRS long.

God willing, Bernanke will cut rates Monday and "save the day." If not, prepare to get "knee-capped" by a bunch of old, wrinkled bearshitters.

NOTE: MVIS is "recession proof."

Without a doubt, the S&P would have been down 35 had the gay yellow cow not made an appearance.
What all this talk about Bernanke might cut rates Monday. I thought the FED meets on the 18th.
Mets suck.
Gloldlen Slachs... Gleen!
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